The Marketers Guide To Choosing The Right Social Media Tools

Social Media

Social Media is not just for social reasons anymore. While at the start of its time, social media marketing essentially referred to how to get traffic to your website, but now in today’s world, it has a different definition. Now social media marketing is devised of the process of using various tools and strategies to optimize your traffic and social media presence.


Today social media refers to various places where you connect with your loved ones, friends, family, colleagues, and clients, and on the other hand, its also encompasses to a platform to build your business brand, connect with your viewers or clients, increase your revenue, all in all, to increase traffic towards your website.

So for a marketer to understand social media mean, means utilizing social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc to achieve your goals.


To market your business or product, the first skype is to sit down and understand what social media marketing refers to. We have made a list of the five most important pillars of social media marketing for you to understand. This is the first step for a marketer to start his social media marketing campaign:

  1. Strategy: The strategy consists of three main questions for a marketer to entertain.
  • The first question is what are your goals? Is your business a start-up and your only goal is to create brand awareness?  Or For example, you have a company  and your goal is to increase sales during this pandemic. Or you own a digital company in Pakistan and you need website traffic. You can add latest technological methods for attraction. It can be with installing a Character Counter in your website that helps your business in counting.

    Goals are important to decide your further steps towards your marketing campaign. So you must take this seriously with your team and understand what your goal is.
  • The second question is, now that you have a goal in mind what social media platform would you want to use. The major platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. While other platforms also include TikTok, Photobucket, Flickr, Reddit, etc. It is better to pick out a platform that you think your target audience uses.
  • The third question deals with what kind of content would you want to share with your audience. You can choose from blogs, photos, videos, collages, boomerangs, etc. If you are targeting millennials and gen z, it is better to opt for photos and video-related content.

  1. PLAN AND PUBLISH: This refers to whatever content you have decided to share with your follower, when do you want to publish it? It is important to have a consistent social media presence, no matter if you are a start-up or an established business. It is important to plan the right time to publish the content.

    Also, you have to decide the right frequency of sharing. Too much or too little sharing can harm your social media campaign. It is important to strike the right balance.
  2. ENGAGEMENT AND LISTENING: This is important for all the marketers to understand as this is the only real-time feedback you have from your customers or potential clients. This is a somewhat success indicator for your business. The more people comment, tag, or share photos, the more you know you’re on right track. It also helps you to connect with your customers and satisfy them.

    A company shared that the only business they are getting during this pandemic is through their customer’s engagement on Facebook. Another home-based baker shared her experience that her Instagram page gets her easily 10 plus orders in a month. This is how engagement and listening to your customers grow your business
  3. ANALYTICS: Many social media platforms provide an analytical summary of your business insights. It is best to sign up for these services as they are very important for your social media goals and campaigns. Facebook and Instagram provide detailed reports of all engagement and listening to your business page.
  4. ADVERTISING: You can advertise once you start your business or you can do it later after it has grown a bit. The right time for advertising matters. So invest in advertising considering what is the right time for your business. Advertising features from the social media platforms offer you a wide coverage of the audience and also the specifics of your target audience.

    For example, you can advertise your Facebook page based on geographics, demographics, gender, interest and behaviours. Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter all feature offers for advertising to advertise your page to the targeted audience.


Below is the list of a few best social media marketing tools used by the marketers for their campaigns:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • BuzzSomo
  • Buffer
  • Animoto
  • Feedly
  • Social Clout