Choose VPS Belgium to Improve Your SEO Rankings

Choose VPS Belgium to Improve SEO Rankings

Nowadays, Search Engines, particularly Google drives 90% of organic traffic to websites. Every time we need something, we go to Google. Whether we are searching for a Doctor or a Mechanic, we check the ratings or websites on Google. Therefore, it’s fairly clear that businesses that don’t rank in the top results of Google are losing lots of business and potential customers. 

However, you will have to invest quite a bit in marketing and hire experts to achieve higher rankings. But Startups and Small Businesses do not have such a huge budget to invest, so what can they do? Well, you need to put the effort into marketing but along with it choosing the right web hosting can help a lot. With VPS Belgium you can achieve super fast speed, unbeatable performance, and high security which are the important metrics for accomplishing better rankings. Further, you will get loads of benefits if you host your website with the VPS Belgium from Serverwala, a leading web hosting company.

In this article, we will provide you with detailed information about how VPS Hosting Belgium helps in Website SEO. 

How Web Hosting and your SEO Rankings are Connected?

Web Hosting is the heart of every website. The performance and uptime of the website are determined by the type of web hosting you have chosen. 

If your website is hosted over Shared Hosting, then you have to share your server resources with multiple other users. With tons of users, you will get limited resources and server space. Further in Shared Hosting whenever any of the neighboring websites encounter a traffic spike, the loading speed of other shared websites is affected. Moreover, with so many other users the security risk also increases. Therefore, Shared Hosting is not a suitable option for businesses looking to attain higher rankings in Search Results. 

On the other hand, VPS Belgium provides you independent server at an affordable price. In VPS Hosting you neither have to split the server resources with others nor your website performance is influenced by the traffic of other websites. You have your private resources with advanced security and root access. SMBs with limited investment capacity will find Belgium-based VPS Hosting services to be the best solution.

Why VPS Belgium is the Best Choice for Improving the Rankings in Search Results?

Some of the important ranking metrics are speed, security, user experience, and uptime. All of these are somewhere connected to the web hosting you have chosen. VPS Belgium from Serverwala provides some excellent features helping you accomplish your desired SEO Results. 

Superfast Loading Speed

Loading Speed of your website is an important ranking factor. If a website doesn’t load in a few seconds it won’t be able to achieve top rankings. However, your loading speed relies highly upon the resources your server has. 

In Shared Hosting you have a limited set of resources, so if the traffic rises the server resources get exhausted very soon resulting in slow loading speed or even server crash. Moreover, the traffic received by other websites over the Shared Server can also impact your loading speed. 

While with Serverwala’s Belgium VPS you will get private resources and the plan of your choice. So as per your website needs, you may choose your VPS Plan and ensure superfast loading speed. 

Top-Tier Security

Security is also a crucial factor in accomplishing high SEO Rankings. A website following poor security measures would be recognized as spammy by the bots of Google. 

In Shared Hosting you do not get a unique IP address and also share a common network with other websites, so the risk of a security breach is very high. However, VPS Hosting offers Dedicated IP, along with DDoS Protection, Firewalls, server monitoring, and other security protocols. It ensures your confidential data is protected from any cyber attack. 

High Uptime

If a website encounters downtime frequently it ruins the user experience and is not good for businesses looking to achieve top rankings. The website always needs to be available for visitors. Even high downtime also impacts your sales, brand reputation, and eventually business revenue. 

If you buy VPS Belgium from a reliable hosting provider like Serverwala you will get a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. As per the industry standards is considered to be the best. 

Easy Scalability of Resources

For continuous business growth, you need to ensure your website always performs with super fast speed and high uptime. But as the traffic on the website grows the need for resources increase. To cope with it, Serverwala allows you to upgrade your VPS Hosting Belgium Plan whenever the need arises. You can easily customize or scale your existing resources also you may choose a premium plan for hassle-free business operation. 

Root Control

Root Control does not directly influence the ranking of your website but helps in easy business management for technical experts. Using Root Access you make changes to the files on your server, install additional tools, deploy necessary software, or perform complex coding. 

Get Started with VPS Belgium

After reading the points mentioned above, you must have gained clear insights into how VPS Belgium may enhance your Search Result Rankings. With Serverwala as your web host, you need not worry about the uptime, service, or support. Serverwala provides 24/7 Technical Support along with the superfast resolution of issues. They have won several awards for their effective web hosting services and are serving in more than 21 countries with 56+ data centers located across the globe. So, choose your Belgium VPS plan now and achieve your targeted business goals.