Here’s how brands are using Instagram live

Instagram live today is seen as the most used feature and famous today. Everyone around some corner uses Instagram live. Well you would see most of the celebrities and influencers and content creators today going live on Instagram. The live feature today has been seen on several social media platforms that it has been exploring around. 

We have come across a lot celebrity too on live Instagram talking about their films and the promotions it has been a key advantage during the pandemic as a lot of celebrity interviews were done live on internet where they could also respond to their fans and to their questions. 

Many brands today are using this feature as well because it is a huge showcase to its audiences as a lot of people are aware about. The brand ambassadors are going live having a chat session online on the backstory about the brand. Brands can get a good amount of views if they go live and talk about the story, just not talk about the story but add more things to it. The idea behind the Instagram story or any other social media story is to create awareness. Living in the digital world and in the 21st century where it’s time to get more digital. 

Well, here are 12 creative ways brands are using Instagram live. 

Schedule Q & A

Scheduling Q & A for your consumers would be a great option where you could talk and view your target audience’s message. Question & Answers are basically a feature where you could ask your target audience about the brand you want to expose. There are many other features where you could use to interact with your consumers. Many times there are influencers with millions of followers who come across such brands asking for collaboration. 

Host Questionnaires

When you host a live questionnaire online it’s not that you are just discussing with you two or 5 followers it is in thousands that you’re talking with or interacting with your questionnaires. The best trick you could use is to post a questionnaire where you could post it beforehand 6 hours before and it could be a great opportunity to discuss that particular topic. 

Use the collaboration feature 

Businesses and brands today can increase their brand awareness using Instagram live collaboration.  A Lot of business partner couple of times together for example Lego & Stranger things well they both could come up on Instagram live and promote together. 

Leverage guest appearances 

With covid 19 going around a lot of brands could not meet or invite any guest for any event or host an event together but don’t you worry Instagram live has got it. This gives an opportunity to speak about the brand, what their views are, etc. 

Host Employee Interview 

You could plan to host an employee interview to talk about the backstory about your brand, the 5W’s and H. 

Create Interactive Live Demos 

Brands like cooking brands or yoga brands or even makeup brands today can do a live demo about their products and showcase their brands. During such times most of the consumers are looking out for creative content and perhaps you are contributing it. 

Engage in Bilateral Conversations

Most of the Genz’s and Millennials want to engage with the brand as consumers today need an experimental video and not a promotional video.

Consumers want to share their views today as well not just to hear it and perhaps Instagram live is the best option. 

Use as a storytelling platform 

Instagram live does not have a time limitation as you could talk for hours. It does not have any hurdles in between when it’s about time you could talk about your brand or company for hours. Well you could also talk to your viewers through comments and share insightful thoughts. 

Increase Engagement with followers 

This is a great opportunity for the brands to interact and increase the followers about their brand page. Now you can easily go live on Instagram with millions of followers. You could also build a community where your followers would know instantly, you could give free coupons for your website. 

Share your journey 

Being emotional and talking about your journey would really inspire your followers and consumers. Which turn into loyal customers. You could share about you started this business and if there’s a story to it add that and see how priceless it gets. 


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