Boost Your WooCommerce Optical Store with Prescription Plugins

woocommerce optical store

Online shopping is trending these days and gaining more popularity than physical brick and mortar stores, so much so that people are buying everything online – clothing items, watches, shoes, gym wear and equipment, travel gear, electronics, as well as eyewear. 

Large retail chains are also jumping on the bandwagon and opening up online stores for their products along with their physical presence. They confirm that they are getting better business through their online stores as compared to the physical stores. Through the online stores, they are being able to reach out to a wider audience base and sell their products all over the world, rather than being restricted to a particular locality. 

Stylish frames, sunglasses, prescription glasses are all being sold online and constitute a significant share of the online markets. Optical store owners were always confident of effectively selling sunglasses and frames through an online store, but were initially sceptical of the response that prescription glasses would get through an online medium. 

They, however, were pleasantly surprised at the ease with which customers are able to purchase these glasses online. This has been made possible because of technological advancements that are enhancing the shopping experience for the online customers. 

Online Optical Stores

The eyewear business is extremely crowded and with more and more brands realizing the scope of expansion as they take their business online, it is becoming an even more competitive industry to penetrate. It is essential, therefore, for businesses to define a clear brand, cultivate an audience, and continue evolving, all at the same time. 

Online markets are revolutionizing the way the world buys sunglasses. Now it is the turn of prescription eyewear to stabilize in these grounds and find their footing. Buying prescription eyewear has always been a little tricky. However, technological advancements are supplementing the field and providing effective tools and opportunities for the businesses to grow online. 

WooCommerce Prescription Eyewear Stores

WooCommerce is a platform powered by WordPress that is efficiently hosting a number of great online optical stores and helping them generate traffic that converts.Prescription eyewear stores are cropping up lately and starting to gather steam as people are preferring to shop online. WooCommerce is providing tools that would help these online stores sell their products effectively and make the shopping experience pleasant for the online shoppers. WooCommerce offers a variety of features, benefits, and price points, and is a trusted WordPress plugin that already powers about 28% of all e-commerce sites. 

It doesn’t matter if the business is big or small, WooCommerce is a perfect platform for all online stores.

WooCommerce is the platform of choice for business owners in the eyewear industry as it is a WordPress-based platform and is a simple, powerful, and feature-rich digital shopping solution. It offers the following four simple and most desirable features that any online store owner is looking for:

  • It is cost-effective
  • It has fantastic support
  • It is extremely customizable
  • It offers ready to use plugins to help construct website features easily

WooCommerce Plugins

There are over 400 official extensions and plugins for WooCommerce, ranging from analytics, payments and shipping, to marketing and accounting. These are official plugins, created and supported by the WooCommerce development team, and countless other third-party extensions. Very much like themes, third-party plugins are either free or paid, and are often sold on markets along with the themes. These extensions, or plugins, make life much easier, as they are usually easily integrated into an existing web shop. They help customize the online eyewear store and make it in accordance with the physical store or the idea that the business owner has in mind. 

Some plugins are especially built for the benefit of eyewear stores in particular, like the WooCommerce Contact Lens Plugin or the Lens Prescription WordPress Plugin. These plugins recognize the unique needs of a prescription eyewear store and enable the store owner to set up his store quickly by simply plugging in the relevant extensions. Some of the most useful plugins include:

WordPress Select Option Plugin

WordPress has a special plugin, which is the WordPress Select Option Plugin that allows a user to select the eyewear from a large resource of options in an easy fashion. 

An eyewear store needs to have a large inventory to cater to the varied palate of choice for customers. Customers these days are very particular about their buys and are spoilt for choice because of the large variety available in the market. The large inventory of products needs to be uploaded on the store for the customer. In order to be able to navigate through the products, the person can install the WordPress select option plugin so that customers on his website can select size, color, and specify customizations of the eyewear before adding it to cart. The WordPress select option plugin includes drop-down menu, multiple select, checkbox, text field, and text area options. This makes the website simpler to understand and navigate for the user, and customers are drawn to websites that are easy to purchase from. 

WordPress Eyeglasses Prescription Plugin

For an online store catering to prescription eyeglasses, the WordPress prescription plugin is a must as it makes it easy for customers to upload their prescriptions and specify their requirements, and at the same time help store owners provide for the specific needs. 

Prescription glasses are something that a buyer cannot buy without ensuring that the specifications are met as they are bought to not just look good, but at the same time to solve a purpose – to help the client see better and correct their vision. The WordPress eyeglass prescription plugin allows websites to collect all the important information from the customer about lens preferences like whether the lens is for distance, reading, or multifocal, and also the price bracket in which the lens should fall, the sun color tints if preferred, light-adjusting color tints, etc. The WordPress eyeglass prescription plugin is the perfect solution for websites selling prescription glasses.  

It is essential that a business owner does thorough research before adding plugins to his WooCommerce store. Plugins not only simplify the development of an online store, but also make the process time- and cost-effective. 

By incorporating WordPress plugins, an online store can get off the ground and start selling products in no time. Simple extensions like the WordPress select option plugin and the WordPress contact lens plugin can do majority of the work for the store and accelerate the system so that the store owner can see tangible changes in his store quickly. These plugins can add significant benefits to the store and be a source of fruitful speedy developmental changes in the store.