BigCommerce SEO Tips To Boost Website SERP Ranking!

BigCommerce SEO experts

Does your BigCommerce store seem invisible to potential customers searching online? You need the right SEO strategies to get found in Google and drive more traffic and sales. As BigCommerce SEO experts, we know all the tips and tricks to boost your visibility. From optimizing product pages and blog content to implementing proper site structure and schemas, our team leaves no stone unturned. We analyze your data to identify opportunities and execute a customized SEO game plan tailored to your business goals. 

This blog will explore all the trending ways to improve a site’s ranking. Thus, get to know all the ways to optimize your site for better ranking. 

SEO Techniques To Improve Search Engine Visibility

Speed Up Website

Make your website run very fast. People hate waiting for slow websites that take forever to load. If your website is fast, people will stay longer and buy more stuff from you. You can check how fast your website is by using free website speed test tools on the internet. If your website is slow, you need to find out what is making it slow and fix those problems so it runs faster. A fast website is important for keeping customers happy and making more sales.

Optimize Titles

Use good titles and descriptions on every single page of your website. Titles and descriptions are super important for getting your website to show up in Google searches. The titles and descriptions tell Google what each page is all about. You should use regular words that customers would type into Google to try and find the stuff you sell. Good titles and descriptions will get more people to click on your website in the Google search results instead of clicking on your competitors’ websites.

Compress Images

Big, huge images make websites very, very slow, which is bad. You need to make your images smaller by squishing them down so they don’t take forever to load. You also need to give each of your images a name that describes what the image is and write a little description about the image, too. Doing this helps Google understand what your images are showing so it can put your images in the right Google search results.

Create Sitemap

Create a sitemap file for your website. A sitemap is like a big list that has the addresses of every single page on your website. This sitemap file helps Google find all of the pages on your website easily so it can show your website pages in Google searches. BigCommerce has a tool that can automatically make this sitemap file for you and send it to Google so they have it.

Fix Broken Links

Find any broken links on your website and fix them. Broken links are links that go to pages that no longer exist. They give customers a terrible experience because those links don’t work anymore. You should use free internet tools to scan every page on your website and find broken links. Then, you need to either remove those broken links or re-do them to link to real working pages instead.

Simplify Navigation

Make your website navigation menus simple and easy. Navigation menus are like maps that help customers, and Google finds all the different pages on your website. Don’t make your menus too complicated, or people will get lost and give up. Keep menus organized with categories, and don’t bury important pages too deep inside sub-menus where people can’t find them. These BigCommerce SEO tips will really help you in enhancing site ranking. 

Detailed Descriptions

Write really good descriptions about all your products. Product descriptions should give customers lots of helpful information about the item you are selling, such as what features it has, specs about size/weight/materials, and what benefits or problems it solves for customers. Use words customers would search for when looking to buy that type of product. Each description should be unique and descriptive, not copied from somewhere else.

Start a Blog

Start an active blog for writing articles. Having a blog on your BigCommerce store lets you keep adding fresh new content filled with keywords you want to get found for. You should write blog posts consistently about topics related to your products and industry. Blogging helps get your website to show up more in relevant Google searches and shows you are an expert.

Get Reviews

Ask customers to leave product reviews. Customer reviews create even more new content for your product pages, which is good for SEO. More content means more chances for your product pages to get found in Google when people search for those types of products using certain words. Real customer reviews also build trust that your products are good.


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