Best SEO tools that you must know in 2021

best seo tools

So what is SEO?

It is the art of improving the ranking of a website in Google’s organic search result using both on and off page SEO techniques by targeting particular keywords by  using the keyword research tools that are available on the internet.

So by using these techniques your website can rank for particular keywords which you have targeted especially in the meta description of a particular page of a website.Now start working with off-page SEO part to create backlinks on those keywords to rank your page in google’s search result.

Why should we do it?

Keywords that are searched on google are the entry point for your consumers to reach your website.And this method is only helpful  when a website is able to rank itself in the top 5 search results for the targeted keywords.As this is a long and a continuous process  job vacancy in digital marketing is increasing at a very large scale.

         So for startups like job vacancy result which is Hr tech firm that uses ML techniques to bridge the gap between job seekers and job recruiters has started focusing on white hat  SEO techniques to rank their website as the first search result for the targeted keywords.Daily 8,50,000 jobs are posted on their website job vacancy result.

So lets now see the best SEO tools that you must know in 2021.


This tool is very useful for doing keyword research as well as for analysing the competitor backlinks.Although this is a paid tool this tool is considered as the best tool for keyword research.You can analyse the the keywords on which a particular website is ranking in the top positions.

There is an option of keyword explorer where you can get suggestions for the keywords so that you can make minimum changes to your long tail keywords to get maximum traffic on your website.The only drawback of this tool is you should be able to find two or three keywords on your own by guesstimation to analyse them and get better suggestions.

You can also analyse the competitors backlinks by using this tool because by analysing the backlinks of your competitor which are considered as quality backlinks you can also approach that website for quality do follow backlinks.

2)Google analytics-

If you want to know from where the traffic is coming to your website and if you want to track the other metrics then you can definitely use this tool.This too can also help you analyse the page views per minute on your website,bounce rate , you can also integrate this with google ads to track your campaigns.You can also  see the no of visitors coming on your website and from where these visitors are coming on your website.Small businesses can use some of its services for free,But to use some of its services you will have to pay for it.


This tool is mainly used to check the domain authority, page authority and spam score of a particular website. You can download the plugin called mozbar and install it on respective browsers to check the above parameters. This tool is completely free of cost. future of digital marketing


This tool is famous for its alexa rank from which the popularity of a website can be determined.If you want to analyse the popularity of your website then you can see the alexa rank which is considered as an important parameter.Some of the features of this tools are free while some of the features are paid.

This tool will help in finding the rank of your website according to popularity but alexa rank is considered rather than other free tools that are available on the internet.

5)Google search console-

Google search console is a free seo tool that is provided by google that helps in monitoring and maintaining the presence of your website  and it also helps you in checking your website in the google’s search engine results page.It is a free tool from google.

6)KW finder

This is a keyword research tool made by Mangools and this tool can help you in finding long tail keywords that bring traffic to your website.You will be able to rank on those long tail keywords and after ranking on those long tail keywords you will be also able to rank on the related short keywords.It is easy to rank on the long tail keywords because of its specificity and less competition therefore by using this tool you can also get related keyword suggestion to maximize your traffic by making minimal changes in your current keywords.

7)Google keyword planner-

This is the best free keyword research tool that you will find on the internet.This tool will show you the monthly searches for a particular keyword and also the competition for that keyword.This tool is a part of google adwords.This tool can also show you the ppc value for that particular keyword.The only problem with this tool is, it is not as detailed as ahrefs but it is a reliable tool for doing keyword research

The above tools will help you in streamlining the process for search engine optimization. That is why the future of digital marketing is very bright. This process of selecting keywords by doing keyword research then using them in the meta description and then creating backlinks for those keywords in a smart way will help you in ranking your website in the top 5 search results for the targeted keywords.

Author bio-Shantanu Godbole is working as a Digital marketing intern at Job vacancy result which is a HR tech firm that uses ML techniques to bridge the gap between job recruiters and job seekers.On this website 8,50,000 jobs are posted daily.