Best SEO Practices For Better Google’s Ranking in 2021

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Here is a hardhearted reality that if you are not getting a good enough ranking for your website, your website may get unnoticeable by the users

There are various approaches and strategies you can go after to increase them on Google, but if your basics are not correct, then the chances of getting a good ranking get lower.

By following the SEO practices, you will be placing the base work for the increment of its visibility in search Engines. Once you start the base of work, you can move further to the more advanced keyword research and connect establishing strategies.

You can even get in touch with SEO services companies that will help you a lot in getting low cost seo services that derives results.

In this blog, I will be discussing the SEO best practices offered by the best SEO agency in Noida, that you should go along with to achieve a good ranking in search in 2021.

SEO Practices For Better Google Ranking In 2021:

Optimize your images – Images play an important role in giving a better experience to the users who visit your site. You may spend plenty of time in picking up the correct images to strengthen your website, product pages, blog posts, and the other major pages of your website.

Here are some ideas you can use to optimize your images.

  • Create Alt text – Alt text is also known as the alternative text is a word or a group of words that can be used as an attribute in a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) document to inform the Website users about the contents of an image. Alt-text is useful when an image link is not accessible due to a broken or changed URL (Uniform resource locator) or some other problem.
  • Reduce the size of your images – The bigger your image file size will be, the longer it will take to load the web page. So, you must compress your images before uploading them on any site. There are many tools you can use for free to compress your images.
  • Optimizilla
  • JPEG Optimizer
  • ImageRecycle
  • CompressNo
  • Avoid Decorative images – Websites often have a variety of decorative images, such as buttons, borders, and background pictures. Everything that is not related to the product is more likely to be considered as a decorative image. Even though the decorative images can attach a lot of charming look to a website, they can also result in slow load times, and large combined file size. Hence, you may want to consider taking a closer look at your decorative images that they don’t damage your website’s ability to convert users into customers.

One idea that you can use to cut away your background image size is to cut out the middle of the background image and make it a flat color or even transparent. This can decrease the file size substantially.

  • Choose the Right file type – The three common file types that are used to post images to the web: JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

In e-commerce, using JPEGs will be your best idea. They give the best quality for the smallest file size.

Don’t use GIFs for large product images. The file size would be big & there will be no way to reduce it. Use GIFs for thumbnails and decorative images only.

PNGs can be a good replacement for both JPEGs and GIFs. If you are only able to get the required photos in PNG format, try using PNG-8 over PNG-24. PNGs excel as simple decorative images because they are small file sizes.

Write a compelling title tag and meta description –

Optimizing for search engines are not just about improving rankings, but also enticing clicks. This is why you need to write compelling title tags and meta descriptions because they both show up in search results. Your title tag and the description are effectively your sales pitch.

If none of them differ from the crowd, users will click a different result. But further on including your target keyword, how can you upgrade click-through rate (CTR)?

First, try to keep your title tag under 60 characters, and your descriptions under 150 characters. These help to avoid truncation.

Second, try to use the sentence case for descriptions and title case for titles.

Third, line up your title and description with the search activity.

The SEO best practices defined above are a great initial point to achieve good search rankings. It is said that the competition for the desire to be on the first page on Google is intense, regardless, and even though everything of the opportunity you serve in. Once these best practices are in place, make sure you are sufficiently up to speed with the latest SEO trends, and also follow other SEO techniques from time to stay ahead of the game.

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