marketing strategy ideas

Marketing as a business, career choice, or tool for brands has been blooming at a breakneck pace. It has been increasing at 20-30% per year and can be titled the fastest-growing industry. Digital marketing, on the other hand, has taken over traditional marketing and has shown promising results over a short period. It has shown to be helpful for startups and established firms trying to stand out in today’s cutthroat marketplaces. 

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Here are the seven best marketing strategy ideas that can help your business to reach newer heights.

Google My Business registration

Today, every question is Googled to find an answer! And why wouldn’t you want your brand/business to be the solution to your potential customer’s questions? Google My Business (GMB) helps you get your business registered on Google, along with providing your location to the customers at their fingertips. You can customize your call to action button based on your marketing goals. This helps businesses to create a new user base by introducing their brand/product/services to their potential customers.

Google Ads

Google Ads may help you a great deal with brand awareness among your target demographic. Your brand might appear on the first page of search results when a consumer does a connected search thanks to a Google search advertisement. Google product Ads add your product to appear among the top other products when a user is trying to search for it. These tactics help a brand to introduce and promote its products to its target audience in a very effective manner which can also lead to an increase in purchases and sales eventually.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing involves driving relevant and qualified audiences to your website, thus increasing traffic and leads. Making your website appear as one of the top results in search engines like Google, Microsoft, and Binge helps you reach your potential customers quicker.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

The entire world is now connected on a single network called social media platforms. About 50% of the population is now on social media. Hence it has become very easy for brands/businesses to find potential customers online. Social media marketing and advertising have shown better results than ever. Running paid ads on platforms like Instagram and Facebook lets brands introduce their products to a very specific target audience. These platforms have also made it very easy to understand the performance of these marketing campaigns by providing insights and metrics.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing helps brands reach newer customers other than their existing base of followers. Influencer marketing is similar to word of mouth, especially when in a generation where recommendations play a really important role. People have started looking upon influencers and idealizing them, which gives them power over others to market products. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing includes promoting educational/ informative content to potential customers so that they can consider your brand over the other competitors in the market. These may include downloadable E-books that can be made available to a potential customer on a trial basis or blogs that keep the customers updated about new launches.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns, although, have a low rate of conversions compared to others because of spam Emails that have recently started taking over. But Emails help retain customers and also give a personalized experience to users that have signed up with the brand to receive informational/ promotional content. Multiple Email campaigns like acquisition Emails- to help acquire new customers, Welcome Emails- for new subscribers, Newsletters- to keep customers updated, Promotional Emails- for promoting new launches, Retention Emails- for holding customers and turning them into repeat customers by offering loyalty programs, etc.