Top 5 Best Software for Marketing Project Management

marketing project management software

Choosing the right marketing project management software can be quite challenging. We can see the increasing number of software has been rising these days. In this review, we will compare the top 5 best software according to the price, features, and customer support.

The Pricing System

The pricing system is one of the most important foundations for choosing the best marketing project management software. Remember, what you are looking for is not necessarily the lowest price. Yet, low cost is not always cheap. The best thing you should do is think of it as “value for money.” Your marketing project management software should be a delicate balance between affordability, functionality, and scalability.  So, let’s start comparing the top 5!


If you are willing to accept a steep learning curve, Wrike is affordable. The software offers a free basic plan for up to 5 users. In addition, the Professional plan from Wrike costs only $9.80 monthly.

In most marketing project management software reviews, you will find Monday as a popular collaboration tool. The software offers a free trial version and a free version for up to 2 users. software will then charge $29 monthly.  


This software offers a free trial version along with a free base version. However, the free trial ends with Asana Basic. This means you will have to spend a budget of $10.99 every month. The Business plan offered by Asana costs $24.99 monthly.


If the Kanban board is at the core of project marketing, Trello may offer various best solutions to your business. This marketing project management software offers both a free trial version and a free version, but with limited functionality. To move up, you will have to pay $12.50 monthly.


ClickUp is primarily focused on project management. The software is committed to being a one-stop-shop for all the needs to support your marketing project management. But how much does it cost? ClickUp offers a free version and a free trial version. Meanwhile, its pricing plans start at only $5 per month.  

The Features

Of course, the project management capabilities are an important result available on the platform. The available features should be the most important factor to consider when choosing the right software. Why? Because all the magic happens here.

Think about the optimization, adaptation, and automation of work processes. All these can only be done with functional and efficient features. To be noted, there is a strong relationship between the price and features. Yes, it is not only about how the software looks.

When searching for the best marketing project management software, there are 3 points you should consider:

  • If the software is inexpensive, you may only get limited features
  • The prices of marketing project management software can start low but will grow as you add some features
  • A software may offer advanced features with more expensive pricing plans


Wrike is mostly used as an integrated marketing communications platform. This software works well for optimizing the exchange of data and files. With Wrike, you don’t have to rely on separated messaging and storage platforms. The main features include activity tracking, activity planning, asset classification, and resource management.

In most cases, is beloved for HR teams. The software works perfectly to automate their recruitment workflow. The main features offered by include account management, access control, and permissions, activity/news feeds, applicant tracking, and more. All these features will surely help you develop a successful marketing strategy.  


If you run into problems with your digital marketing project, Asana will always be a short-term solution. Asana is a favorite marketing project management software for promoting teamwork. Due to its personalized characteristics, the software also works effectively for remote project planning. Even better, Asana will assist your team members to track progress and streamline marketing projects with features such as alerts or notifications, access control, budget management, and agenda management.  


According to many marketing project management reviews, Trello will support your marketing team through agile methods and automation. This software revolutionizes marketing with features such as email marketing, document storage, billing, document management, and knowledge management.


ClickUp will help a lot in handling your marketing department work and task management. This software and its capabilities revolve around providing tools such as the Kanban board. Trello also comes with a message board that allows you to divide tasks into tasks and subtasks. Some of the top-selling points and features from the software include task management, automatic time tracking, audit trails, bug checking, brainstorming, and bug tracking.

Customer Support

Now let’s try to imagine the worst-case scenario. You will plan payments using any of this software only to find that your social media marketing or time tracking capabilities are flawed. So, what to do now?

It is always important to support the execution of marketing campaigns. Errors can be expensive and need to be fixed immediately. This is why you need to consider the customer support offered by the marketing project management software.


With some occasional complaints, the staff from Wrike will take customer support seriously. The software comes with a multi-channel customer support layout. You will also find both help desk chat and email.

Are you having trouble managing timesheets in the interface? No worries! The software offers friendly customer service to help you out. You can contact the customer support of this software through email and help desk services.


You might have known that Asana does not allow you to assign similar tasks to multiple team members. However, you can always ask for assistance from its customer support. Asana provides chat, email, and 24-hour contact to resolve most issues quickly and comprehensively.  


Trello is also one of the best marketing project management software that provides customer support. Somewhere between its email, help desk, and 24/7 personnel, you will get the help you need from the software.


With ClickUp software, you can fix the problem quickly. This platform also reduces the impact on productivity. The above-average customer support systems from ClickUp will help you to fix the project dates missed.

Wrapping Up

So, have you decided which marketing project management software will be suitable for your business? The options are there! Make sure to choose the right one!