3 Best Image Optimization Hacks that Increase Conversions Rate!

image optimization

No doubt, mostly people add images to a website for aesthetic or visual reasons. Usually, they’re completely unaware of the images properties that relate to SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Remember that image optimization not only improves a website’s rank, but also leads to a better user experience. Digital marketers usually account for an online BMP to JPG converter free to turn bitmap image into JPG image for marketplace concerns. 

Well, websites should be built to keep users in mind, and even every single effort should be taken to maximize the user experience. It is depicted that images that are not optimized can negatively affect website performance, and thus, conversions as well. 

Image Optimization Hacks You Need to Know:

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Exactly Know About File Types:

There are numerous image files types including GIF, JPEG, PNG, or BMP, so which one will be right for your website. If you would prefer to use JPG image and at spot you have BMP (Bitmap), then you ought to use a free BMP to JPG converter that specifically is best to do conversions from JPG files to bitmap image files. You should always aim for the image type that will help in reducing loading time of your site. 

  • JPG: The JPG file size can easily be adjusted and with that the quality will also improve or go down. If your image has good number of colors, then this image format will be best for you. The BMP to JPG converter by theonlieconverter is best way to convert your BMP (bitmap) images to quality JPG images. 
  • GIF: These consist of small videos, which enables only 256 colors and even suitable for animations and small images – including icons or thumbnails, but not at all for images, which consists of thousands of colors.
  • BMP: It is a raster graphic image file that is used for any type of bitmap (pixel-based) images. Bitmap images are huge files, but remember that they have no loss in quality.

Use Image of Right File Size:

Keep in mind that image size and image file size both are two different things. For instance, 1068×1068 is referred to as the size of an image, while file indicates the space that is required on the server to store the image. And, if you have a BMP file and need to turn it into JPG due to the file size concern, then use an online BMP to JPG converter that efficiently helps you in converting JPG image to bitmap within no time. 

If your image is larger, then it would take more time to load.  It is said the image with larger file size can negatively affect the performance of your website because each time the site loads, the image contained there-in  is to be downloaded from the server. 

The best approach is that the lower the file size, the faster the site will be loaded and your visitors on the site will have better user experience. 

Optimize Thumbnails:

Yes, thumbnails are typically found in the form of upsells or referred to as the additional products that are shown to the customers after they make an initial purchase. If the image does not load itself, then you might lose a chance to upsell.

You ought to make sure that the image you use for upsell is of 70KB or lesser file size, and even these images should be GIF or JPG format. If you have a BMP there, you should first turn it into JPG format with the natural assistance of an online BMP to JPG converter.