5 Best Free Email Marketing Plugins You Can Look For Your HVAC Business In 2020

Email Marketing Plugins

Email marketing is the all-time favorite marketing activity for the industries, irrespective of their types. Marketers investing in SEO or SMO never forget to utilize this technique and get connected to the clients directly over email. It goes the same for the HVAC marketers as well.

But why? Why people rely on this technique when they have so many digital marketing options? This is because email marketing allows users to generate quality leads, nourish them, and turn them into potential clients. Through this cost-effective method, you can reach out to the contacts directly, deliver targeted messages, and easily measure your brand performance online. Hence it has become the most demanding technique for HVAC internet marketing.   

Wondering how to gain quality leads through email digital marketing? Use the best email marketing plugins and ease out the entire process.

5 Best Free email marketing plugins for your HVAC website

  1. HubSpot: HubSpot is an all-time friendly tool for marketers. The best thing is the tool even serves well when you are concerned about email marketing.

HubSpot plugin enables users to create professional emails to engage potential clients and grow the contact list. The specialty of this plugin is its integration with HubSpot CRM. Since the plugin is automatically connected with the CRM, you can manage your emails taking care of the details mentioned in the submission forms and website activity.

What makes the plugin so popular? Now, this includes plenty of trending features.

HubSpot has a drag and drops option using which users can create professional emails for their clients.

The beautiful email templates make the job much more convenient.

The plugin allows you to add your own personalized subject lines, body content, links, attachments, and call-to-actions, based on the purpose of the message.

You can choose this plugin if you want to optimize your email marketing campaign with A/B test and analytics. That’s a pro.

HubSpot with CRM is thus the most suitable email marketing plugin for every business.

  • MailChimp: One of the most popular email marketing plugins is MailChimp. The specialty of this plugin is you can experience huge growth in your contact list using this amazing plugin and embracing its features.

The effective features of MailChimp are –

You can create registration forms and integrate them with your WordPress HVAC website.

You can access different styles of the form builder and can integrate this with e-commerce plugins.

MailChimp’s free version offers only a handful of features. However, if you shift to its premium version you can enjoy viewing the detailed report of the campaign and automating the notifications whenever a new user signs-up.

  • Email Subscribers & Newsletters: Are you looking for multiple features to improve your email marketing process? In that case, you must accept Email Subscribers & Newsletters. This particular plugin offers a one-stop platform to marketers. From creating newsletters to managing the list, you can rely on this plugin for everything.

The features that create a difference are –

It allows users to build a subscription box on the website and accept numerous email addresses.

The plugin has an option to send newsletters either manually or by automating the process.

You can use this plugin to send welcome emails whenever a new user subscribes to the website.

Email marketing-related information like when the email was sent and viewed can be obtained.

Want to manage your email marketing process with minimum effort? Email Subscribers & Newsletters is the best option to start with.   

  • Newsletter: Newsletter is the simplest plugin tool that streamlines the entire process without making any complex steps. That’s the specialty of this particular plugin.

Some prominent features of this plugin are –

Newsletter allows users to collect the email addresses of the clients through a customizable widget, form, or page.

You can look for its drag and drop option to create your customized newsletters.

The plugin has a separate section for segmenting. This helps to target the right audience with specific messages.

The central status panel allows users to monitor the overall email marketing campaign.

  • SendinBlue Subscribe Form & WP SMTP: SendinBlue Subscribe Form & WP SMTP is another most demanding email marketing plugin for WordPress websites. The reason behind its maximum demand is an all-in-one platform where you can perform the email marketing strategy simply through your WordPress dashboard.

The key features of this plugin are –

Here you can access the drag and drop tool to create emails either using or not using the beautiful templates.

You get the ease to have custom subscription forms and integrate them into your posts, pages or widgets.

You can automate your newsletters in different ways.

You can get an overview of your performance statistics that include the number of clicks, opens, etc.

SendinBlue is an advanced email marketing plugin that you can look for even if you have a tight budget.


Among hundreds of email marketing plugins, the above-mentioned plugins are absolutely free of cost. However, you can opt for the premium plans to upgrade your necessary features. Another thing that needs special mention is – all the plugins listed above work well with your WordPress website.

Guys, if you have already created your WordPress website for your HVAC business, don’t forget to integrate any of these email marketing plugins to streamline your lead generation process.

Contact the best digital marketing company and hire email marketing services for better outcomes.