The best free digital marketing tools that every hands-on marketer should use in 2021

digital marketing tools

The year 2021 is just around the corner that means it’s a new start and about new digital marketing trends.  We saw extreme level changes in digital marketing due to the covid-19 pandemic, and also it appears that 2021 will bring many changes as well.

The best way to become a successful market is by staying on top of styles and implementing these trends into your marketing strategies. It is important to ensure that your profession is never using outdated or ineffective strategies to approach your audience and clients.

In this post, I’ll share some crucial predictions for the 2021 digital marketing world as well as give suggestions with the help of a free online calculator to prepare you for what’s in store.  There is no good way to stay ahead of your competitors than by educating yourself for the digital future.

Use Video Advertising

With video platforms like TikTok, likee, and YouTube, and features like “stories” on Snapchat and Instagram, videos continue to become more and more famous for video advertising.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram that were photo-centric but now turn into feeds filled with videos. Marketers have found that videography is more effective in pushing clients to convert.

Studies show that 76% of people in Australia, the UK, and the US have bought a product after watching a video. Video ads are great for interactive products such as toys and makeup because video makes it simple for firms to highlight the features and benefits of their products, which explains the great push towards this tactic.

You can calculate and analyze your traffic with free online calculators and unit converters that help you to find your targeted audience and return on investment by using different digital marketing strategies.


Even though RSS is not as it was 6 to 7 years ago, I still search there is no substitute for using it as a listening different posts for development in this industry. I recommend Feedly because it can see the voice of the crowd which posts are most popular.

Although feed readers are not in trends, they are using the most useful way to scan the news in several categories. Our free online calculator shows some analytics that it’s still most typical to referrers to smart insight.

Image to text Converters for Digital Marketing

Nowadays, individuals prefer digital products as compared to physical ones. It’s become crucial to shift from paper documentation to digital ones. This can be achieved by optical character recognition OCR technology. The stuff provided by free image to text converter and OCR is fully accurate as well as these are very time-saving and considered a productivity shortcut.

So, these text and unit converters are the easiest engine readily available, refining several records promptly, and avoiding retying work. The support for CPU innovation brings the innovative as well as the high-speed conversion process.

Google Alerts

Many internet marketers swear by Google Alerts for reviewing their campaign hashtag, brand, or competitors’ names by substituting keywords, so it’s widely used. Therefore, it’s based on the analysis of sites, competitors, and misses out on different social media mentions. So, you can use a free online calculator to know your return on investment and other stats that are crucial for digital marketing.

Final Takeaways

Hence, every year always brings new trends and strategies for marketers to enforce. Client tastes change day by day which means the digital marketing tactics are continually changing as well.

So, the key to success is keeping yourself up-to-date and allowing your digital marketing strategy to be flexible. With the change in the business world, your marketing plans should never be something that is set in stone. Don’t be afraid to jump on new trends, you never know without a free online calculator what strategy might be the best for your business.