May 16, 2021

How to Choose Best Type of Camera?

A camera is a camera intended to record or transmit successive photographic images in order to restore the impression of movement for cinema, television, research, remote surveillance, industrial and medical imaging, or else for other applications, professional or domestic.

Room in French

The term camera comes from the Latin camera which means “room” in French. The camera obscure (“dark room”) is an optical device, known since Antiquity, which allows the formation of an inverted image of a scene on a screen or a canvas.

First  Camera Invention

The first cameras were developed following the invention and then the marketing of photographic film in 1889. There are a large number of types of cameras, the great majority of them digital, including characteristics (size, quality of film). Image, sensitivity, recording medium, etc.) Depend on the field and the needs of use.

Types of cameras

  • An analog camera records or transmits an analog electronic signal.
  • A film camera uses photographic film as a recording medium.
  • An astronomical camera (Anglicism because it is in fact a photographic camera) is designed for long exposure times and has a high sensitivity in the visible field but also in the infrared and ultraviolet fields.
  • A digital reflex camera (APRN, or in English Digital Single-Lens Reflex, DSLR) is a digital single-lens reflex camera using a large digital sensor (4/3 format, APS-C, APS-H , 24×36 and “medium format”), having a reflex sight and allowing to change lenses. 
  • A motion detection camera operates by continuous image analysis.
  • A stereoscopic best dslr camera (like Microsoft’s Kinect) allows a 3d vision of the environment.
  • An endoscopic camera is a medical system for indirect exploration of certain internal parts of the human body or an industrial system for remote exploration of the interior of a machine.
  • A wide-angle sky camera is a photographic device used in meteorology to obtain a hemispherical view of the sky or for the study of the canopy and the calculation of solar radiation reaching the ground for urban micrometeorology.
  • A high speed camera is used to record fast moving objects for viewing in slow motion. We also speak of a magnifying glass or super loupe camera.
  • A pipe inspection camera is designed to explore a pipe or conduit using a cable equipped with a camera at its end.
  • A smart camera. is a machine vision system that captures images and interprets them.
  • An IP camera is a type of CCTV camera that uses the IP protocol.
  • A line camera has a sensor with a single pixel line, unlike a matrix camera. It is widely used in the field of machine vision.
  • A multilane camera is a system created within the Disney studios to give an effect of depth to the cartoon.
  • A multispectral camera is capable of recording images for different wavelengths. It is used in particular in the field of the analysis of works of art.
  • A digital camera records or transmits a digital electronic signal.
  • A wireless camera transmits an electrical signal through radio waves through a transmitter and an antenna.
  • A road surveillance camera is a video monitoring system for road traffic.
  • A thermal camera captures the various infrared radiations in order to detect heat sources.