Benefits One Can Have Using Virtual Number For SMS

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Isn’t it a great thing to send and receive messages without having an actual phone number? Are you looking for a number that can help you to avail SMS services without disclosing your phone number or even using a physical phone? This is when virtual numbers can serve your purpose.

What are Virtual Numbers for SMS?

A virtual phone number for SMS allows users to send and receive SMS messages over the Internet without requiring any physical phone. Yes, you heard that right! You don’t need any handset or smartphone, nor even a physical SIM card to be able to send and receive SMS text messages to and from your friends, family, colleagues, or service providers.

So, are you tired of giving out your personal or office phone numbers to colleagues, employees, business partners, or clients? We know the pain you go through every day when people bombast your phone with phone calls and SMS messages.

By the way, virtual SMS numbers are also known as disposable SMS numbers, as they are required only to receive a code or link to complete the sign-up process while registering on some platform. We know many of you don’t feel safe sharing your personal details with unknown people, especially when there’s a stark rise in online hacking and cybercrime cases. So, having disposable numbers can easily get the job done without revealing your personal SMS number.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Virtual SMS Phone Number

Having an online temp SMS number is the best way to avoid fraudulent activities by protecting your sensitive information. In addition, virtual SMS numbers can be used by small-to-medium and large enterprises while strategizing and creating their marketing campaigns. That’s because hackers won’t even spare small-scale businesses while stealing their vital corporate data.

Here are five ways an online SMS number can benefit your organization and keep your sensitive information safe and secure.

Receive SMS for Free Anytime, Anywhere

Sending and receiving SMS messages using a virtual number is completely free. You can easily check your incoming messages on the platform itself or through your mail (you can even get a disposable email address to increase your security).

You can even stay connected using a virtual number whenever your official phone or telephone is not working, provided you have an Internet connection. Then, just enter the platform using your computer or smartphone, and you are good to go!

High Mobility and Flexibility

Using virtual numbers, you can allow your employees to work flexibly in the comfort of their homes. They no longer need to carry their office handsets for sending or receiving SMS messages or voicemails. It will save you money to invest in your core business operations. Besides, it will also free up your office space and other resources.

You Don’t Require a Separate Handset

As mentioned above, you don’t need to get a separate device or smartphone to operate your virtual phone number. As the name suggests, a virtual or temp SMS number works for a temporary period, and it would work online, provided you have a workable Internet connection.

You are anyway going to need your virtual phone number for temporary tasks, such as online SMS verification, sending text messages or voicemails to clients, or setting ad campaigns. Creating a virtual number takes a few minutes, and you can start sending or receiving SMS messages on that temporary number online via any smartphone, laptop, or tablet. There is no need to go through the hassles of getting a new SIM card or a handset.

Track Your Marketing Campaigns

The best way to track the performance of all your marketing campaigns is to use separate virtual phone numbers for different ad campaigns. In this way, you can determine which campaign strategy is working more effectively and which one is driving better conversions. It also enables your marketing team to make important decisions about investing more for better outcomes.

Enjoy Value-Added Features

Having an online virtual SMS number lets you stay away from distractions like unwanted calls or text messages. Hence, you can boost the productivity of your teams and accomplish deadlines faster. In addition, virtual numbers allow you to keep your personal and professional numbers separate, thus maintaining a smooth work-life balance.

What’s more, advanced virtual SMS number providers like NUMBER4SMS offer some helpful add-on features like sending voicemails to clients, customers, or team members to add a professional touch to your communication systems. It also enables you to direct the client or customer to the concerned person, thus improving consumer experiences.

Additionally, you can send group messages to your team members or customers. The best part is to segregate different types of consumers based on their buying patterns and specific needs and import all your existing client or customer base in a single click. You can also request your clients or customers to leave an online review on your portal or social media channels.

Key Takeaways

It’s time to say goodbye to disturbing messages and phone calls. Instead, get hold of a virtual temp number for SMS from well-known and experienced providers, like NUMBER4SMS, which works online over an Internet connection. It’s definitely going to boost your productivity by minimizing such distractions and shutting off irritating text messages and calls.