The 5 Benefits of Social Media Packages for eCommerce

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The use of social media packages Dubai for ecommerce business  is a very valuable and powerful option. You can use selected packages to drive more traffic to a landing page, increase conversions, and improve brand loyalty.

Social media is important tobring customers closer , both to the company and to the process of buying products or services. In addition, social media networks are essential to be able to contact and communicate with users, as well as to enhance the online communication of your company at all levels. 

The importance of social media packages for an eCommerce

Depending on your target audience , it will be more appropriate for you to select the appropriate social media packages Dubai ; You must choose the ones that best suit your  business model and budget.

All  ecommerce businesses need to create empathy to achieve loyalty  and  attraction of their customers . For this reason, betting on direct ,  fluid and close communication is the best option for people to have a good perception of your brand.

It is clear that there are a number of benefits derived from the use of social media packages Dubai in eCommerce business . Let’s see:

eCommerce Strategy on Facebook

Social media agencies recommend to make at least a couple of posts per week as per selected package, the ideal figure being one per day. In addition, we advise clients to publish on weekends , since there is much more participation and the publications are more interactive. And if you publish during the week, do it preferably during noon because there is more traffic and you will have a better chance of gaining  visibility .

It is also important that you incorporate calls to action to encourage the click .

eCommerce Strategy on Twitter

Twitter is one of the favorite networks of people who like to comment on politics, share their ideas and get the latest news .

It is used by many people on a daily basis to communicate with brands through a tweet and thus receive an immediate response. 

Likewise, it is considered by users a more fun platform in which to be creative and appear more human. You should bear in mind that making tweets that contain photos and at least 3 hashtags  increases the participation and interaction of users. And if you also add links , you can attract more traffic to your landing page .

The ideal length to tweet is between 240 and 280 characters . And, without a doubt, on weekends there is more participation than on weekdays.

eCommerce Strategy on LinkedIn

If you provide valuable content and make a meaningful exchange, you will attract more connections to your page and increase your followers. You can participate in LinkedIn by publishing videos,  articles  and any type of information that you consider relevant to the people who follow you.

Meaningful content sharing and production will attract more potential connections to your page and that will increase your follower rate . Get involved in LinkedIn by posting articles, videos, slides through the LinkedIn SlideShare page  and  links . What’s more, posts with videos have a much higher action rate.

eCommerce strategy on Instagram

Instagram is a perfect network in United Arab Emirates to show your brand in images and create a story around it. It has approximately three hundred million users and each one has the ability to publish artistic photographs of their day-to-day life. It is an opportunity to show the interests and strengths of a brand so that customers bet on it.


Users expect different things from each social commerce  and implementing actions that are different and effective can help you meet their expectations. In short, it is important that you make good selection of Best SEO Agency Dubai based on social media networks for your eCommerce business.