Top 7 Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feed on Website 2021

Embedding Instagram Feed on Website

These days, digitalization is getting to its peak. People are more active and are constantly looking for inspiration, updates, or anything that can keep them entertained. Social media has become a vital part of everyone’s life, people keep scrolling through their feeds to know what people and brands are up to.

Among all the platforms, Instagram is the most loved. Thanks to the visual aesthetics offered by it, people only want ‘more’ when they use the app. While on the brand’s front, they can do wonders with their marketing efforts in place. This is because there are more than 1B users of the platform and 70% of them use it to find inspiration about products that they can incorporate into their lives.

Marketers are able to derive great advantages by leveraging the amazing benefits offered by the platform. But, the catch here is, is it enough? Having an aggressive marketing strategy has never been any more important. This is where embedding the feed generated on Instagram to the website comes to play an important role. 

To know more about its benefits, keep reading. 

The benefits of embedding Instagram feed on the website in 2021

Upscale Your Brand Awareness & Reach 

Instagram is an influential platform and by embedding feeds generated on the platform, brands can create awareness about their products and services to a great extent. 

While your visitors are exploring your website, showcasing them feeds generated on Instagram can lure their attention on a rather massive scale. If they find your feed interesting, they might end up following your business on Instagram. Thus, increasing your brand awareness incredibly. 

Boost The Visual Appeal Of Your Website 

Having your website be visually appealing is a great way to draw the attention of your audience, and keep them engaged in the business of the brand. 

Embedding Instagram feeds into your website can well take care of the visual appeal. As the content generated on Instagram is moving, attractive, unique, and artistic; it helps in enhancing the look and feel of your website. 

The visitors can get inspired to know more about the brand: its story and its deliverables and might also end up making a purchase.

Turn your Social Presence Into Commercial Benefits

Another amazing benefit of embedding Instagram feeds to your business’s website is that it can make your brand stand out from your competitors. Giving an interactive touch to your website can enhance communication with your customers and make it effective. 

 Having robust interactions with your visitors can influence them in their purchase decisions while also making your social presence so impressive that it contributes to incredibly increasing the commerce of your website. 

Enhances Sales And Conversions

Since embedding can attract a wide demographic audience to your website, it can improve your lead generation capacity and hence, conversions. 

By showcasing UGC feeds generated on Instagram on the website, brands can win the trust of their prospects, keep them engaged and considerably impact their buying decision. 

Further, visitors can spread the word about the business amongst their peers, which further enhances the selling capacity of the brand. 

Build Social Proof For Your Brand 

Social proof is the idea of people imitating the action of others in an attempt to imitate behavior in some situations. 

When people are unsure, they are more likely to mimic the action of others to determine their own. Having said that, when a visitor comes across your business for the first time, they aren’t sure about your business. This is where you showcase UGC and convince them that your products are worth investing in.

Browsing through real experiences of people is the best way to encourage participation. 

Improve The Dwell Time Of Your Website 

Once your website visitors are hooked to the brand, they might stay on the website scrolling through Instagram feeds. Learning about the past experiences of visitors, the brand’s story, and the products offered. 

It enhances the dwell time of your website, which is the productive time spent by a visitor exploring the website. In addition, any improvement in dwell time can inspire users to buy products from your brand, thus improving the revenue earning capacity of the brand. 

Enhance The Experience Of The Users’ 

If you want to thrive in the soaring competition, providing an unmatched experience to the users, is non-negotiable. The better is the impact generation, the better is the experience that the users have. 

By adding an Instagram feed to your website, you can display a variety of content at once and keep your audience hooked to the T. This is directly proportional to the conversion rate. 

Over To You

Instagram has diverse opportunities to offer for businesses to thrive, grow and stand out. Encashing these opportunities to boost user interaction, engagement and conversion can help brands in achieving their projected growth figures. 

Embed Instagram feed on your website to gather user trust, boost brand awareness and create an impact. 

If you think this was convincing, then all that you need is a powerful aggregator tool that can take your brand to the next level!