What are benefits of creating quality blog posts?

benefits of creating quality blog posts

Having a blog that is regularly updated with high quality posts and on topics that are relevant to your audience can make a huge difference to how your site performs in search engines in general.

By creating content for your blog, you give yourself more opportunities to share information on your website (use shared web hosting) and social media profiles. And give your visitors something to share when they visit your site. Using blog posts as part of your social media content marketing strategy. It also means you’ll drive more visitors to your site. 

A blog post helps introduce your business

Blog content also helps to maintain your social media presence – instead of asking your social media manager to come up with new original social media content (or create one yourself). Your blog can serve as a repository of content to share on social media and email marketing – which can be shared with a wider audience, creating a ripple effect. 

Each time you write a blog post you create content that helps introduce your business to a new audience that may not know you yet. 

Easy way to improve your marketing efforts

The benefits of blogging for SEO we’ll be examining later, but it’s also another sign for Google and other search engines that your website is up and running, and they should monitor for new content regularly. Regular blogging for small business is a relatively inexpensive. 

And easy way to improve your marketing efforts, drive traffic to your site and generate more leads. Corporate blogs are part of a brand’s website that host content that helps inform their target audience about their products or services. 

The more blog content you create, the more opportunities you will have to appear on the search engines and drive organic traffic to your site. Every time you write a blog post, this is another indexed page on your website. Which means you have an additional opportunity to appear on search engines and drive traffic to your site in organic search. 

Blog and Google rank

When you create a blog post, another index page is created on your website, which is an additional opportunity for you to appear on search engines and drive traffic to your website. 

Provide new content to Google and other search engines for indexing, and create opportunities for these key keywords to increase your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS). Not only can you direct traffic from paid advertising or social media to websites full of links. You can also direct people to blog posts that complement your products or services. 

Any new content can give you an opportunity to attract lead

Any new content can give you an opportunity to attract leads and, in order to do this, you can add a call to action to every blog post. If you notice that a particular blog post is getting a lot of traffic, you can focus your marketing efforts on that topic. And create more content that targets that specific area. You can also use the CTA button on a blog post to move the visitor to another relevant blog topic on your website. Or even convert it to a relevant website describing your services. 

If you fill your blog with relevant content, you will attract more traffic to the website, improve SEO, position yourself as a leader in your field. Improve relationships with customers, create content and lead on social media, and achieve results over the long term. time. time.

It helps to attract visitors who meet certain criteria

In social networks, we divide the sources of visitors into earned, owned and paid. Your own social media visits come from content on your platforms. Earned visits occur when a user shares your content so that they reach their friends who may not subscribe to your platform. Paid media includes paid social media ads.
To receive visits from your own and earned media (which costs you nothing). You need content that encourages visits. Helps to publish blog posts on social platforms.

Paid social networks, which obviously cost money, attract visitors who meet certain criteria in terms of demographic, geographic, and psychographic data to ensure. That you spend the money driving potential buyers to your site. Facebook Ads are a great tool for promoting your website, especially if you are using native ads. Use native ads on social platforms by creating ads from your blog. Using quotes from your content, or overlaying images from your content.

For example, the phrase “10% of homes are frozen in winter” might work for a plumber hoping to attract homeowners from his / her geographic area. You have to target your content on the right social media platform to the right segment of users. Advertising on Facebook is very cheap as you only pay for clicks. Which is consistently considered one of the most affordable marketing options for micro and small businesses.

All in all

They are a great way to create new content on your website and serve as a catalyst for email marketing and social media marketing to drive search traffic to your website. They even help search engines like Google to see what your business is doing and start trusting the website. Increasing the organic ranking of websites for certain keywords.  

Information source: hostens.com