Becoming a Blogger: Here’s How You Can Make Money From It

Profitable Blog

When starting a new business, including an online business, many overdo it by creating an overly extensive business plan. You can literally put anything on paper, but in the end you still can’t foresee and plan everything. Instead of planning endlessly, we recommend acting now.

We present you with a quick guide that will help you become a blogger within a few weeks and create your own blog that will give you financial independence and freedom in the long term.

How to Create a Profitable Blog

  • Think of your skills or above-average knowledge of a niche. Think about what you are interested in, what you know at least a little more than most of the others, what you have special skills in.
  • Plan a domain name for your blog. Make sure it is easy to remember and includes a keyword from your niche. The domain name of your blog can also be creative and extraordinary, like Even then, there is a high probability that the domain name will stick in the minds of visitors. Register a domain and rent a server that will host your blog.
  • Create a good, eye-catching logo and graphics on the website and in the articles. If you are unable to do these things yourself, the Fiverr platform offers the services of many specialists from around the world who will help you prepare for really little money, in the range of $ 5 .
  • Take care of setting up your blog. You can use free services, e.g. at or, then you don’t pay for the server.
  • Don’t forget to include information about cookies, a privacy policy and terms and conditions on your blog. Don’t overdo it with the amount of information.
  • Make sure to upload around a dozen or so valuable and unique articles to your blog using key terms related to your niche. Remember: do not copy other people’s articles. This is a quick way to get penalized by Google and fall in the rankings for months. There are many reasons why it is not worth copying someone else’s content.
  • Submit your blog to the major search engines so they know it exists. Set up a Google Analytics account and plug in the statistics so that you know in real time how great the interest is in your content, how it is distributed across articles and blog sections, and who your readers are.
  • Choose an easily recognizable username that you will also use on social media.
  • Set up profiles on social networks, if not all, then at least the most important ones. Connect them to your blog.
  • Use the free tool After entering keywords that interest you in your niche, you will receive daily notifications of new articles, events, products, services and activities from bloggers. In this way, you receive fresh information from your industry without having to laboriously search the Internet.
  • Post comments, ratings, and summaries of interesting news, events, and articles. Remember to protect copyright and respect the property of others. If necessary, link to the content of other people.
  • Help people on all channels you are represented on. Respond to comments and ratings. Don’t forget to ask for comments on your articles. Internet user reviews are a great way to build your blog’s brand for free.
  • Search for key bloggers in your industry through various communication channels and politely invite them to visit your blog and leave a comment or review. Don’t run away from your competition. Make him your ally. Don’t focus on a worthless battle with the competition, instead look for your unique system to reach your readers and stand out from everyone around you.
  • Create a free account on Google AdSense and other valuable advertising platforms and post their ads on your blog. Every time they are clicked by your readers, you make money from them.
  • Another way to make money once you have a good number of visitors is to make direct agreements with product distributors or even manufacturers to promote their products and services, which will surely make you more monthly.
  • Don’t stop posting interesting articles, uploading them to social media, sharing knowledge, commenting and building a community.

How do you choose your niche market for your blog?

Below we are going to introduce you to a few subject areas that you can use to build your blog. Keep in mind, however, that these do not cover all possibilities. It is important that you choose a topic that you feel good about and that you ideally have above-average knowledge of

  1. Politics: economy, social, politicians, regulations, local events
  2. Food: local products, cuisine, recipes, healthy eating
  3. Fashion: for women, for men, for fluffy people, evening wear, the latest trends
  4. Education: language lessons, training courses, travel guides
  5. Health: nutrition, disease, beauty, fitness
  6. Tourism: places, historical events, accommodation, travel
  7. Sports: football, sports clubs, competitions, rankings, tennis, climbing
  8. Hobbies: model making, crocheting, electric trains
  9. Real estate: real estate renovation, real estate sales, real estate rental
  10. Interiors: furnishings, old furniture, architecture
  11. Business: rural business ideas, online business, taxes, accounting
  12. Driving: cars, sports cars, tuning, competitions, automobile club, motorcycles

How to Become a Successful Blogger

Keep posting more and more articles for the first few months until your blog appears in search results. Increase the number of articles to get more readers by getting them to leave comments on the blog and encourage them to share articles on social media.

The points listed above may seem quite intense to you to start with, but it takes work and action that is equivalent to getting good at it and learning. Remember, reading articles and detailed advice on building an online business is no substitute for hard work.

If your dedication and hard work results in an income from this, then think twice. What do you have to do if you want to earn ten times as much? Continuously add value to your blog and ideally do 10 times what you do now. You will see that if you just stick with it, you will be successful