How to Become a Graphic Designer?

graphic designing

Are you so passionate about becoming a Graphic designer?

Then after reading this article, your journey to becoming a Graphic designer will be easier; faster, and your all Queries will be clear. We’ve covered in-depth Details about the step-by-step process to become a Graphic designer. 

All necessary actions you need to take, essential tools, opportunities you’ll get and Skills you need to become a Graphic designer you’ll see inside this article. 

As a Beginner, you have no clue how to become a Graphic Designer? You don’t know how this world is changing faster and How you can grab these opportunities as a Graphic designer. 

So, let’s begin the Step by Step process to become a Graphic Designer!

Before we begin with steps, I want you to clear your confusion and Understand the actual meaning of Becoming a Graphic designer.

What exactly Graphic Designer does:

A graphic designer shows creativity and ideas through Work like Bouchers, posters, magazines, Painting, 2d & 3d elements and many other things to showcase creativity. There was a time when graphic designers did everything in this Field. Still, in today’s Era, Graphic designers become Specialists or Experts in one Field – some are Specialists in Business card makers or Poster designing and many more. Everyone is starting to pick any one field and become a Specialist in this. 

So, I suggest you if you’re someone who is looking to become a Graphic designer, then in this field, you need to pick any one thing and master it. People know you for your specialty in graphic designing. 

Well, if you’re a graphic designer or becoming then you need to focus on more things in your Field like:

● You need to complete Work under the deadline

● Pick the best Material in your project

● Discuss with clients and close deals

● Handle Budgets and costs

● Essential tools you need in your Work

● Working on the rough idea to complete implementation

But no worries, after learning Skills and becoming a Specialist, the rest of the things are easy for you to handle. So, now you have a complete idea about what a Graphic designer exactly does.

Let’s see Step by Step Process to become a Graphic designer!

1 Start Learning Skills 

The very first thing you need to do to become a Graphic Designer, you need to learn all necessary skills related to Graphic designing. If you’re so creative and Innovative, Learning Graphic designing is much easier for you. 

As a Kid, we all Start from Drawing, and then we start working on Advance levels like Painting, crafting then we use tools for graphic designing. If you’re someone who decides to become a Graphic designer, then I suggest you find out all the necessary skills you need to become a Graphic designer in your specialist field. Make a list of necessary skills and start learning from different Platforms like – YouTube, Google, Some premium Courses and many other platforms you can use to learn skills easily. 

Some Skills You need to Learn in Graphic designing:

● Drawing

● Layout and Structure

● Fonts and Type

● Graphic design (Poster, Post and any media content)

● Website Designing

These are some basic but essential skills you need to learn to become a Graphic designer.

2 Earn a Degree in Graphic Designing

Now this time, if you want to make a career in this field, then having a degree is necessary. Because now demand is growing day by day, and if you want to position yourself as a Graphic designer, you need a degree. 

There are so many graphic designing courses, programs, Art and Design Schools available in this Field to enroll and get certified or get a degree. Having a degree or well Certified in your Field can make your chances to Know as an authority in the Market.

3 Create an Eye-catching and Strong Portfolio

I don’t think I need to explain the importance of a portfolio because having a strong portfolio can easily make the difference between a beginner or a professional. Your Work Tell more about you, and here your portfolio helps you showcase your expertise in the Graphic designing field.

And the most important thing, you can’t make a portfolio by getting a degree and certificates. You need to work in reality with Clients and deliver better results called a Graphic designer portfolio. In today’s Era competition is endless and If you want to get Infront of Everyone then having a strong portfolio, working with some big Clients are the requirements. Your skills and expertise show through the previous work you’ve done for your clients, and that’s why having a Great portfolio is necessary to become an authority.

4 Stay Up-to-date with Trend

I highly suggest you always stay updated with trends and find the market need. You need to understand that the Market changes Faster and Your skills need to be polished to always be in demand. If you’re someone who knows the market Requirements and learns demanding skills, then you become an authority. This Era you’ve seen after coming to freelancing Platforms like Fiverr,, Upwork, and many other platforms that understand the trend and listed in these freelancing websites are now in High Demand. That’s why staying updated with trends helps you to become an authorized graphic designer.

5 Learn Business – Client, Closing Deals, Generating Leads, Promote yourself and many more

Well, now you’re an Expert and Specialist Graphics designer, but what if no one knows you? No one knows your existence. That’s why having the skills of graphic designing is not enough to master in Business. It would help if you learned how to get clients, How to close deals and How to promote yourself so that a lot more customers attract you. After learning skills, it’s time to learn some Business skills and Understand how you can Grow your Business as a Graphic designer. 


Becoming a graphic designer is not tough if you know how to become one, and after reading this article, I hope it helps you clear all your doubts and gives you a step-by-step process to become a Graphic designer. We’ve discussed the Graphic designing field; Main 5 steps you need to know to become a graphic designer. So now it’s your turn to take act