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Due to the advancement in technology, the demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day. It is expected that in the next 50 years this digital marketing will bring many changes in lifestyle. So congratulations to those who have started an online business using digital marketing wisely. There will come a time when shopping will become online-based. People now mostly rely on online for their shopping and it has increased manifold during the corona pandemic. So if you have an online business and you want to increase your business’s exposure, reach your product to target customers or increase sales, then digital marketing plays one of the roles. If you are a businessman and want to succeed in business through digital marketing then this blog is for you.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing campaign of a product or service online using digital media and digital technology. Digital marketing in a simple sense is to advertise the products of an online business. Digital marketing dates back to 1990 when the first search engine Archie started. There are various platforms for the digital marketing of online businesses.

That platform can be social media, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, or content marketing. Again, electronic media such as TV, radio, etc. with their help and digital marketing are done through advertising. The smartphone is one of the electronic media. Mobile marketing or SMS marketing can be done with the help of smartphones. All these are done to run a business’s promotion campaign. And everything mentioned above is included in digital marketing. Then you understand what digital marketing is! Another online business can reach everyone smartly through digital marketing.

Is digital marketing halal?

First of all, thanks for this great question. I couldn’t avoid writing anything in response to this question.

Before finding the answer to the question of whether digital marketing is halal or haram, we should know whether marketing is halal or not. Digital marketing and traditional marketing are not polar opposites, but marketing processes use different mediums.

I am a digital marketer myself. It is my constant request to the Creator that I can earn a living in a lawful way and die with faith. So before joining the digital marketing profession I tried to judge whether digital marketing is really haram or halal.

First of all, we need to understand what is the work of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is marketing that uses digital media. Now the question is whether marketing is haram. Is it illegal to use the internet?

Now let’s come to the first question. Allah made usury haram and business halal. Marketing is an inseparable part of buying and selling products. This is as true in 2020 as it was in ancient times. Business would certainly not have been encouraged in Islam if marketing had been forbidden.

As every coin has two sides, this is true for all fields. If the way of marketing is illegal then it is certainly haram. If the product is promoted through falsehood or filth, then it is definitely haram.

And I don’t think marketing is haram if customers can be informed about your service or product in a halal way by adopting a legal way. Allah knows best.

Now let’s talk about the Internet. The Internet is an invention of technology. The Internet has opened the door of knowledge in front of us very easily. There is an instruction in the hadith to travel to China to gain knowledge. If internet use is halal then telephone, fan, light, book-book, and pen should be forbidden.

But I will say as before. Every coin has two sides. Some go to the mosque to pray and some steal shoes. Along with opening the doors of knowledge, the internet has also opened the way to many sins for us. So the halal-haram depends a lot on our activities.

So it is not so easy to directly say whether digital marketing is haram or halal. It depends on how you use it. If you do digital marketing without illegally stealing someone’s information or using haram ads, I think it will be halal. But, Allah knows best.

Finally, I want to say one thing. Every day we gain a lot of knowledge about Hadith-Quran through the internet. Many Islamic scholars like Noman Ali convey the Deen of Allah to ignorant people like us. These works are the result of digital marketing.

My question is, are they haram? If these activities are haram, then digital marketing is haram. thank you.

Why do digital marketing? Or what is the future?

If you don’t want to find a needle in a vast desert, then digital marketing is for you.

But if digital marketing is digital marketing then the above sentence will apply to you again.

Most of the traders in Bangladesh still do the above i.e. foraging in a desert.

So you must use effective and productive digital marketing.

And its future is till now only 13% digital penetration has been created and 87% of the market is still there.

Physical entrepreneurship is no more, everything is transforming into digital entrepreneurship.

How many branches of digital marketing? Which of these is the most profitable branch or which branch has more value?

The marketing we do use internet services is called digital marketing.

Nowadays the demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day and any product or service online or offline is coming forward to promote their products or services or increase sales through digital marketing. All the big companies in the world are marketing their products through digital marketing. But small companies are not coming forward like that. One thing we need to keep in mind is that digital marketing is a tool that can bridge the gap between small and large companies in just a moment on the merits of marketing strategy. Thousands of digital marketing experts of a huge marketing company spending billions of dollars will be wasted in 1 second if you or I can use a unique marketing strategy to make a video go viral. So you can understand that this marketing is all merit-based.

The question is how many parts are digital marketing divided into?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, through which we increase the search engine ranking of our product, making the product more accessible to the general public.

Social Media Marketing or SMM, Facebook YouTube Twitter, etc. We continuously promote our products through social media using this branch of digital marketing.

Digital Ad Marketing, Google AdWords or Facebook Ad, etc. We do direct selling or in direct selling by advertising our products in such companies.

An online direct sale, amazon Flipkart, etc online selling site we do online selling strategy by adding our product, come here and act as a factor.

Affiliate Marketing: We increase the sales of our products and services by recruiting some people online on a commission basis.

In black hat marketing, we have to adopt some tactics that make our product go viral overnight. It is a very deep level of work. And it doesn’t always result in 100% success. For example, suppose the owner of 1000 Twitter accounts from different parts of India was appointed and asked to post 10 posts on Twitter using the name #product at 7:30 tonight. Suddenly a hashtag like this hits the Twitter algorithm and the product is more likely to go viral. Here are some more personal tips that digital marketing static makers have learned through their experience over the years.

How many and what are the sectors of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a very big sector, it takes a lot of time to talk one by one, here are some important mediums.

Top 8 Digital Marketing Mediums at a Glance

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

2.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

3.Content marketing

4.Social Media Marketing (cont.)

5.Digital Display Marketing

6.Mobile marketing

7.Email marketing

8.Marketing in Affiliate