Affordable Web Hosting Services for 2021

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Are you looking for affordable hosting service in 2021? Or you want to know what are the features that a good web host provide you? So we are here to discuss all that. Plus, here we will tell you which is the best web hosting provider in India? So, let’s continue with the article.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service used to deliver the content or data of the website to the users globally. In other words, Web hosting service allows you to publish your website on the internet and allows users to access your website. The process of hosting your website is very simple. You just pick a domain name and choose the best hosting plan for your website. Once you have done all this, you can create your website and publish it in front of all the world.

Types of Web Hosting

What are the different types of Web hosting? Yes, here what we are going to discuss here. There are basically five types of Web hosting services are available, which are mentioned below: –

  1. WordPress Hosting
  2. Shared Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting
  5. Reseller Hosting

So, these are the basic five web hosting services that are provided by hosting providers. Now, we will discuss these hosting in detail below.

WordPress Hosting

A WordPress Hosting is a highly optimized hosting for WordPress websites. WordPress hosting is recommended to have the best experience and performance of your WordPress websites. WordPress Hosting is of two types, that are Managed and Unmanaged WordPress Hosting.

A Managed WordPress hosting means, all the backend and technical issues and tasks will be performed by your customer support team.

Whereas in Unmanaged WordPress hosting, you are the complete owner of your WordPress hosting and any issue comes in your hosting either it is related to technical or updates, and all, you have to manage and solve that. 

Shared Hosting

Next is Shared Hosting, shared hosting means a single server is served to multiple users and all those users are hosting their website with that single server. The best thing about this server that they are cheap and you get more features at a low cost. But on the other hand, if a user faces any issue, then all users will face the same issue because they all are running their websites on the same server.

VPS Hosting

VPS aka Virtual Private Server, a well-known hosting for fast speed, performance, and more security. You are provided with a virtual dedicated server, where you can host your website. Your data is more secure if we compare security with WordPress Hosting and Shared Web Hosting. Mostly, VPS servers are expensive in comparison to Shared Hosting and why not, you are getting a separate dedicated Virtual Server here.

Dedicated Hosting

Moving on to Dedicated Server, It is quite similar to VPS servers, but here you get a physical dedicated server for your website hosting. These servers are highly expensive when comparing to shared and WordPress hosting. You get the best speed, security, performance, and customer support here. Dedicated hosting is itself a premium hosting, so you get all the basic and premium features with the dedicated server hosting.

Reseller Hosting

Last but not least, here is Reseller Hosting. If you want to grow your business by selling the hosting to other users, so here you get the Reseller hosting. Reseller Hosting plans allows you to sell hosting to the users, and the best way to earn money at your price.

Features of a Good Web Hosting

Here are some of the features that a good web hosting should have and offer you with their hosting services.

Page Load Speed

The first and major feature that good web hosting will offer you is the Fastest Page Load Speed. How good your site is and the traffic that comes on your site also depends upon the page load speed of your site. It is seen that a user doesn’t wait for more than 3 seconds to load your site.


Uptime is the second factor of good web hosting. You may have seen that almost all hosting providers mention their uptime guarantee on their plans and features section. So, you have to take care of uptime while purchasing web hosting.

Customer Support

Customer support, a very important factor that shows how good your web hosting is. It is written that 24/7 customer support is available but how good, quick, and satisfactory is that. says that Customer service should be able to connect you fast, solve your queries, and available 24/7 at your support.


Flexibility is a must. You may have seen that the hosting plan you are searching for, is available at different prices at different hosting sites. So, the motive is to say that you must look at the features and specifications you are getting at the particular plan.

Why HostingRaja is the best affordable host?

Hosting Raja is one of India’s best Web Hosting Providers. The company offers you several hosting plans like Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting. HostingRaja is an India based web hosting company that provide you different hosting services at affordable and cheap prices. They offer you a 99.9% of uptime guarantee which is absolutely good for you.

Features of HostingRaja: –

  1. SSD Disk Space: – HostingRaja provides you SSD Disk Space with their hosting plans which means you getting faster transfer rates.
  2. Unmetered Bandwidth: – There is no limit of Bandwidth with HostingRaja. So you are allowed to transfer unlimited data on the internet.
  3. Includes cPanel: – The best thing is that the cPanel control panel comes with as default with the HostingRaja hosting.
  4. Free SSL: – No extra cost to install an SSL certificate for your website.
  5. One-Click Staging: – One-click staging allows you to test your site before publishing it in front of the public.


At last, we want to tell you that before buying any web hosting, please check out all major points that we told you in Features of Good Web Hosting. Just don’t purchase hosting with their prices and name, you have to check all the features and facilities that you are going to get with that hosting plan.

And finally, if you have any further doubts and suggestions, please let us know via your comments below.

Thank You