How to identify a good niche for your affiliate marketing website?

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Affiliate marketing is the most dependable way to make money online. There is perhaps no other method that has much longevity as affiliate marketing in the online space.

As ads become under increased scrutiny, affiliate marketing continues to remain a reliable monetization technique.

There are many reasons why affiliate marketing. Unlike ads, affiliate marketing is based on a more nuanced approach to online sales.

People online trust affiliates more than ads because the former deliver much more information.

Ads are small and advertorial, dedicated to conveying a simple message in the best way possible.

Affiliates can take much more time and present a more detailed analysis of a product. This way, affiliate marketing is easily the best way for high-information consumers to learn about new products.

Selecting a niche: The first step of affiliate marketing

Generally, beginners think that affiliate marketing is simply about promoting precious affiliate links and sending people down a sales funnel.

This is not the case in reality. Good affiliate marketers generate relevant traffic funnels and earn commissions on every conversion.

The key word here is ‘relevant’. There is no point in getting irrelevant traffic through your affiliate pages and links. You need interested traffic with an itch to buy.

This brings us to the concept of a niche.

A niche refers to a small part of a larger whole. Affiliate marketers generally base their entire website around a specific niche. This is done to avoid heavy competition in a domain and reach relevant people looking for a specific product.

Typically, a niche should be small enough to enable you to capture easily and profitable enough to start the venture in the first place.

The following sections highlight how you can identify a niche for your website:

Step one: Start with something you understand

Many affiliates make the mistake of choosing a niche simply because it is obscure and has no competition.

This is a mistake for a number of reasons. As an affiliate, you will have to generate a lot of content on your niche to earn sizable commissions.

If you choose a niche you don’t understand, you first have to first learn the different aspects of your content profile.

This only elongates the process and holds you back from immediately bringing traffic to your website.

It is thus wise to start with something you understand and have an interest in. It is never easy to write 1000-word reviews and articles on products and topics you don’t understand.

Step two: Visit the Wikipedia hobby page

Can’t find a niche? You should visit the Wikipedia hobby pageto look for potential niche ideas.

The hobby page is popular amongst affiliate marketers because every hobby listed on the page is a potential niche idea. If you are industrious enough, you can find an affiliate network associated with every hobby.

In conclusion

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