The 5 Best Advertising Examples For Your Ideas


In today’s technology, digital marketing is a must for every business owner to have. Although it is not something new, this digitization marketing has disrupted the old strategy as it proves to boost the sales record. In fact, many companies have shifted to this department and invested more than any marketing campaign before.

What makes a digital marketing campaign special is it can reach out to a broader audience in a short time. It also requires less space and less physical effort as the campaign is done digitally. 

There are a few digital marketing elements, including search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, content & email marketing, website, etc. However, the online advertisement or commercial is one of the popular elements used to grab the audiences’ attention. It is a short yet concise way to deliver a message and has many benefits for your business.

The Benefits of Online Video Commercials

Digital marketing commercials can vary from pictures to videos. Both can hook the audiences’ attention at a glance, thanks to the use of visualization. But, most people are easily engaged with the video campaign as it combines both visual and sound that represent the whole message.

Before you take a sample of compelling digital marketing commercials, here are the benefits of having video advertising in your campaign.

A Better Storytelling

Compared to its counterpart, a video shares better storytelling than a picture would do. Again, the combination of visual and sound that narrates the story brings a whole different experience than having a promotional picture. 

One example is to use animated commercials for your business. The animation ad is widely used for many kinds of industries from F&B to the tech company. 

Gives a Bigger Exposure

People spend an average of 3 hours and 44 minutes per day watching online videos. This staggering data isn’t surprising at all considering that multiple social media platforms are on board right now. Thus, it’s such a waste to not join this video battle play.

Having video advertising increases the chance of getting viral overnight. The share button gives your business a wider exposure through different platforms.  

Boost SEO

Video advertising helps your SEO page as it gains more engagement than any other content material. An amusing video commercial lets visitors stay longer on your website and directs them to dig down for more information. 

Therefore, having video commercials can increase your rank in the search engine and bring back more visitors. The more visitors are coming, the higher chance for you to get more conversion rates.

Top 5 Advertising Examples For Your Ideas

Sometimes it can be a hassle finding inspiration for your next digital marketing campaign. There are tons of stunning online advertising going around on the internet. However, we have carefully selected the 5 best advertising examples for your ideas.

#1. Coca-Cola: Happiness Factory

This video advertising is the epitome of old but gold. How can we forget this amusing ad that depicted a fantasy of how coca-cola was made? This combination of animation and live-action take has stunned so many people at that time.

Coca-Cola Happiness Factory shares a cute storyline from making a cold bottle of coca-cola to deliver it out of the vending machine. The ad showcases funny characters where they work together happily. They also celebrate when a single cola is ready to deliver. 

#2. Cadbury Dairy Milk – Aliens (Canada)

In this 41 seconds commercials, Cadbury successfully captivated the audiences’ attention through dancing aliens. The ad started with a stranded chocolate box somewhere on an unknown planet. The native aliens were instantly stunned with the taste of the chocolate that they started the comical dance.

This Cadbury commercial in Canada is interesting and entertaining at the same time. It shows that even an unlikely creature can enjoy the taste of Cadbury’s chocolate.

#3. Starbucks

Need an idea for a Christmas season campaign? Starbucks has a great plot idea for your next campaign. This 58 seconds video depicted a flying bird with a red present. This bird flew all the way, giving a sight of different animals on a snow hill.

There are polar bears, foxes, penguins, and deer that enjoy the warmth of Christmas with their antics. The flying bird then brought you to the pile of gifts under a Christmas tree. It flew again to the cups of warm Starbucks coffee that will accompany you to the joy of Christmas.

#4. Android: Be Together, Not The Same

Android video commercials are very unlikely to the other samples where it shares a deep message on it. Using characters from a classic rock-paper-scissors game, the story follows bullying from a different view.

It started with a newcomer paper that gets bullied by its fellow origins. The scissor helps the paper out and instantly be a friend. It then shows a scene where a bunch of big rocks bullies the smaller one. This time the paper helps the little rock out of the bullying. 

#5. Argos – Aliens TV Advert Mess

Who would have thought that aliens characters fit the catalog retailer company advertisement? Argos is a UK based company that offers more than 60,000 products from home and furniture, toys, and other technology stuff.

The commercial tells the story of an alien family who conducts household works. From the parents to the baby are equipped with their own home appliances. In the end, this alien family is enjoying their dinner together after cooking hard with the help of Argos’ products.

Take Away

Digital marketing commercials will always have a place in today’s digital world. In fact, the competition will get tighter with all of these entertaining ideas to hook the audiences’ attention.

One of the commonly used online advertising is an animated commercial. It showcases many kinds of characters that speak to a broader audience. Unlike the live-action take, an animation can reach out to a wide range of age, race, and gender. Thus, making it a great option for a digital marketing commercial.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).