How to Add Google Review Widget on WordPress – Most Useful Plugins

Google Review Widget

The easiest way to win the trust of your potential customers is by showcasing them past customers’ reviews and feedback. Therefore, businesses are now showcasing reviews by using Google review widgets on their website.

In this blog, we will be discussing how you can embed Google reviews on your website and why you should do it. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Whenever someone mentions about online review platform, Google reviews often come to mind. And that is for a simple reason – Google’s review platform is the most trusted review website. Various review platforms have emerged in recent times but have failed to win trust as there have been cases where they have been showcasing fake or spam reviews. A fake review often misleads the customers or, in some cases, hampers the reputation of a brand. And this is where Google reviews jump in and stand tall as the most trusted review platform.

Why is it most trusted? – Because it only allows authenticated users to post their reviews on the platform. Also, it allows users to post images or upload videos on the platform to express them better and provide detailed reviews.

To ease your embedding process, the WordPress website provides various Google review plugins and provides Google review widgets to display reviews on your website. We have listed the top 3 plugins in this blog. These plugins are easy to install and you can find them easily on the WordPress website.

Best Google Reviews WordPress Plugins:

A consumer always looks for the reviews before making any purchase, on average, consumers read 7 reviews before trusting a business. Hence, you can provide the reviews on your website as it saves their time of exploring other websites for the reviews. In addition, the following tools also provide various other features, which make them an ideal marketing tool.

1. Google Reviews WordPress Plugin by Tagembed

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Try this Google Reviews WordPress Plugin and collecting Google reviews can be made easy as this plugin is very easy to use and provides a hassle-free experience. It provides a dedicated Google reviews widget that displays the Google review, which the tool collects from Google My Business Account. Also, the plugin is compatible with 15+ social media platforms, so if you are looking to collect reviews from other platforms, the tool helps in that.

You can even personalize the widget according to your preference by using the customization option. It allows you to change the font size, font style, background, themes, and more. Thus, it increases the grace of your website and makes it more professional and pleasing to the eyes.

The plugin is coding-free, and with three simple steps, you can easily display Google reviews on your website. Moreover, the widget is responsive, which means it adjusts itself according to the size of the screen.

2. WP Google Review Slider by LJ Apps

C:\Users\TaggBox\Downloads\Plugin\WP Google Review Slider.png

WP Google Review Slider provides a responsive widget that displays Google reviews on your website without any hassle. Sliders are a popular way to display reviews on the website because you can embed slides anywhere on the website, it takes less time to load and also less space. Therefore your visitor can read about your product and its reviews at the same time.

Other than sliders, it also provides the option to display Google reviews in a responsive grid or list. Also, it is compatible with streaming images without affecting the speed of the website. So even if your customer is using a visual-based medium to express himself, the widget easily displays those posts.

3. Google Places Reviews by

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If you have multiple stores and are looking for showcasing reviews of each location, this is the best tool for you. The plugin allows you to display up to 3 business reviews per location. 

It offers versatile widget themes that help you to beautify your website. The plugin is easy to use and displays reviews without any hassle. The active support team adds a great advantage to the plugin.

Now you know the 3 best Google review WordPress plugins, you must be thinking, is it beneficial to your website or does it assist in the growth of the business? – The answer is yes. It helps you in the following ways

Wonderful Benefits of Displaying Google Reviews on Website:

There are enough facts and statistics to show the importance of reviews for the business, and when embedding them on your website, it provides more advantages to your business.

1. Increases the credibility of the brand

As mentioned above, the rational customer always looks for reviews before purchasing a business. Hence, it acts as a medium to win their trust by showcasing them on your website. Also, you save their time that they spend searching for reviews related to your business. And at the same time establish brand credibility.

2. Increase website visuals

People often post images with their reviews, and we all know that visual-based content increases the website’s visuals and makes it more pleasing to the eyes. But even if there are text reviews, you can customize the widget and make it attractive. Either way, Google review widgets enhance the beauty of your website and make it more lively.

3. Builds a review circle

People feel respected when a brand showcases their reviews on the website. Also, it enhances the brand’s reputation as it appears that you care about your customers’ opinions. Moreover, when your customers read reviews posted by other users, it will encourage them to post reviews and get a feature. Hence, it builds a review cycle.

Summing It Up

Google reviews play a huge impact on customers’ buying decisions. Displaying these reviews using the Google review widget is a smart way to win customers’ trust and increase sales. Often customers visit different websites looking for reviews and end up buying products from other brands. Hence, by embedding reviews, you can hold your potential customers on your website and convert them into your customers.