7 Most Powerful SEO Techniques To Guarantee Organic Traffic In 2021

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Over all these years, SEO has evolved a lot along with Google and its advanced features. While this is all about offering a better experience to all internet users and potential customers who may be seeking you, keeping up with updates is a must. Considering the speed of this transformation, catching up with the latest SEO techniques often becomes daunting. When you strive to increase traffic and brand awareness, you need to get as smart as the search engines and adapt to the fast-changing algorithms. We have compiled a list of the most effective SEO strategies and techniques that will help you get increased traffic this year. 

1. Make Sure To Start With An SEO Audit

Niel Patel and various other industry experts have continually laid emphasis on SEO audit before defining new strategies and action plans. Conducting an audit will let you know the precise reason for not getting expected traffic and ranking for your website. Only when you know the problem will you be able to find a solution to it. An audit will let you know where you stand in the moment and help you make better decisions for the future. That’s what the best SEO experts in Pune suggest.

An audit is one of the best growth hacking techniques in the SEO world that will help you attract and retain customers/visitors for your business and website. This way, the overall performance of your website will be closely examined, and you can come up with goal-based strategies. You can optimize and make the best use of available content according to the results from an audit. Here’s what you should check during an SEO audit:

  • Presence of meta titles and descriptions on all pages. 
  • Are all pages optimized for the right keywords?
  • Is the proper URL structure followed?
  • Make sure all images are optimized and have alt tags.
  • Check whether links are properly used in the content. 

Well, most of the best SEO techniques are covered in these questions only. However, let’s know about the others. 

2. Use Relevant Keywords 

Keywords are always the strongest players in your SEO game. You can never really expect results if you don’t use the right keywords. Based on your niche, there are multiple keywords that potential customers may use to reach out to you. The right keywords will let you connect to the right audience. Search volume for various keywords keeps changing over time; you can look for the ones that comply the most with your business. Using long-tail keywords is likely to bring you better reach. They tend to be less competitive and rank easily. Using the best keywords strategically will aid your overall SEO results a lot.

3. Mobile-Friendly Websites

This one was probably simple logic until Google actually announced mobile-first indexing for all websites. A major portion of the world population uses smartphones to access the Internet. While most of your visitors will reach out to you through mobile phones, desktop versions of your website may not be enough to offer them the experience they deserve.

Since Google decides website ranking based on the experience it offers, mobile-friendliness is going to be one of the major concerns while doing SEO. Along with being visible, your website should be easily usable on mobiles. It should be easy to read, load faster, easy to navigate, and should have a good layout. If the visitors like your website, they will visit you more, and your website will rank better. 

4. Optimize For Voice Search 

Remember that we are living in an era of Siri and Alexa, which are now more evolved concepts. For both consumers and marketers, voice search is a popular and important topic. Everything around us, from phones to speakers, is getting smarter, and it’s time that our website becomes smart too.

Adding schema markup to the website will make it easier for search engines to recognize various elements on a page like opening hours, events, prices, etc., which are relevant details for voice search. You should also ensure that voice search is optimized for local SEO also since maximum voice search queries are local. This will significantly boost organic traffic for your website and give you a competitive edge in the market.

5. Work On Improving Website Speed

Great speed is another factor that will make your website qualify Google’s standards for higher ranking. According to the recommended speed, a web page should load within two seconds. Slow loading pages will frustrate the users, making them leave. It will increase the bounce rate, and you surely don’t want that. Good speed plays a crucial role in offering a better experience to the users, so they don’t move away to your competitors or other relevant websites. Optimize your website with high-quality videos and images or using a dynamic website to see great performance.

6. Meta Title And Meta Description

Meta title and meta descriptions are other most important elements to indicate the elements on your website to a search engine and attract more visitors. Appealing titles and descriptions never fail to get good clicks. Make sure to use the most relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions to easily appear in the search results.

7. Get Enough Backlinks

We always suggest conducting a competitor analysis when trying to get backlinks. Backlinks help you correlate to other relevant pages. Generally, more backlinks imply a better ranking. However, this can be different for different niches and keywords. Backlinks make your website trustworthy and authoritative. Without enough proper links, even the best meta titles and descriptions would be vain. Regular backlinking pays off in the long run.

Summing Up

Irrespective of business type or size, the best of the Internet will only come to you with relevant SEO techniques. While trends and algorithms keep changing, it becomes crucial to keep up with them. The above-mentioned SEO practices will bring you the best results and ranking in the long run. Moreover, you can always work on a strong strategy and action plan to make sure your goals are met.