6 must skills every Social media manager should have

from optimizing social media profiles

In this digital world, being a social media manager is a vital job in every company. Social media managers hold responsibilities like planning, strategizing, measuring, analysing reports and things that make campaigns work. It is important to stay on trend and keep yourself updated with new strategies that are result-oriented. You should be constantly learning and keep eye on what’s significant for your brand and audience.

You are a social media manager or an HR planning to hire one, then this is for you. I have listed a set of skills that are essential for every social media manager:


Social media is a communication platform. As a social media manager, it is essential to have strong communication skills. It helps you communicate with your audience in a better way.

Often you need to engage with your team regarding customer engagement, share feedback and so on here, your communication plays a major role. You have to be able to communicate ideas to a wide range of people, your team, clients, and management.


As a social media manager, you have a huge responsibility and multi-task from managing content calendars to scheduling posts. So you need to be organized and have a clear plan beforehand to avoid issues.

Social media managers need to be organized to ensure work is done on time, on brand and all approval is taken by concerned people. Auto tools have made work easier for scheduling posts.


Copywriting is an important skill for any social media manager. Drafting a good copy is vital to the work of a social media manager,  from optimizing social media profiles to crafting posts on different platforms. 

To get better engagement and clicks you have to create captivating content for your social media platform. You can improve your copywriting skills through various paid and free tools.

Copywriting is nothing but you want the reader to take action on your content. It can be a product/service or you want to send readers to your blog.


Social media managers have a huge responsibility to make their brand stand out in the competition. They want to create viral and valuable content but it takes creativity to crop up with new ideas that stand out.

Creativity is important to:

  • Develop innovative social media campaigns
  • Helps to visually attractive content
  • Expand brand credibility and persona

5.Visual skills

Social media is a visual platform where you communicate with the audience through appealing posts. Even text-based posts need to be designed so well that readers stop scrolling and take notice.

Social media managers are not involved in designing posts for social media but they need to understand what makes a post captivating for their audience. If a manager is well aware of trending strategies and audience persona they can help designers to get a wonderful post designed for the brand.


Social media managers need to understand the metrics and identify which media format fits better for the brand.

Understanding the matrix helps you get better conversion and ROI. Learning ins and outs of social media metrics aids you in getting clarity on what strategies you should work on and whatnot. If you are well aware of the underlying causes of trends helps you make clear decisions and create successful campaigns.

There are many good tools like SemRush, Hootsuite and so on that give exact data.

I have listed a few resources that can be useful for you:


Social media marketing is a must strategy for any company to increase their credibility and visibility. If your brand is active on all platforms but not getting proper results then it’s time to focus on your strategies. Companies need skilled social media managers to get converting results. I believe the above information was useful. Remember one thing: getting more followers and engagement is not an overnight process. You need to be consistent and ensure your strategy is the best fit for your brand.

Author Bio:

Divya is a freelance writer and social media strategist. She writes content for blogs, websites, and social media. She has written content on wide niches like Technology, Health, Fitness and many more. Divya helps businesses increase brand visibility and traffic through content. She can be contacted at www.linkedin.com/in/divyaa-sridhar.