6 Best PPC Marketing Metrics to Follow in 2022:

PPC stands for payperclick, an internet marketing model where advertisers pay a commission each time they click on one of their ads. Basically, it’s a natural way to buy visits to your site rather than “get” these visits. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of contextual advertising. Here are the 6 Best PPC marketing metrics to follow in 2022:

1. Conversion Action Measuring:

Current goals and key initiatives are the backbone of your PPC strategy. As  tracking becomes more complex across advertising and analytics platforms, the number and types of activities advertisers can track increases. Advertisers typically track multiple conversion actions for each account. PPC Companies are expertises in this as you can hire a PPC Company to get the measurement, track and up-to-date listing of conversions.

For example, typical PPC transition goals include:

  • Transaction.
  • Online inquiry form.
  • Request a demo or evaluation.
  • Phone Calls: First/Repeat.
  • Chat conversion.
  • Local Action: Recommended.
  • Offline conversions: Maps to ad clicks. personal goals.

2. Maintain Your Automations

Advertising platforms continue to roll out automation options to simplify ad management, but it’s not as easy as flipping the switch. Human resource managers must direct and control automation to get the most out of it.

For example, a campaign that uses a smart automated bidding strategy may need to be tracked and adjusted from time to time to adjust its CPC target or target ROI. The 4,444 smart creatives, such as responsive search ads and responsive display ads, need to be tested for performance by asset, which  will be discussed later in this post.  As part of your PPC strategy, decide which components of your account can be automated, from bidding to advertising and possible scripting. Then evaluate and monitor the results. You may want to compare previous “manual” campaigns on various data points.

3. Keyword Matching Strategies

This year in  Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, there have been major changes to the technical capabilities of keyword match types, which require some strategic changes. PPC Services in Delhi are now available 24*7 to help you out with the latest updates and Information with the solutions.

Variant broad match is no longer supported and some other search types have changed. There are many ad accounts that are still using the “old” keyword configuration in their campaigns and require a major reboot of their keyword strategy.

Some  changes  simplify the account structure, allowing more flexibility per subject. For example, grouping keywords by search type or using the same keyword for multiple search types may not be a viable strategy for most advertisers. Sketching keyword matching and necessary structural changes  will be a necessary exercise to prepare you for what comes next.

4. Ad Copy Review (Again)

That’s right – again! Now that you’ve reviewed your keyword strategy, it’s time to take another look at your account’s ad copy. A PPC Agency has this ability as well. You can review your ads copy and then move further with the details and important steps which are indeed.

This seems like an endless task, but  for the best possible PPC ad performance, ad copy needs to be tested and updated regularly. This is especially important in 2022, as the ad format itself will change to such an extent that older formats such as expanded text ads are deprecated.

Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are rapidly transitioning to the Responsive Search Ads (RSA) format. This format contains up to 15 titles and 4 descriptions, mixed and matched in various combinations for testing. 

5. Responsive Display Ads

Some advertisers have used display advertising as a major part of their PPC platform strategy  out of a desire to control their habits or brand messages.

 Responsive Display Ads can provide more reach by streamlining the creation process while continuing to deliver the advertising message advertisers want. In addition to simplifying the creative process, Responsive Display Ads provide more options for placing assets on the Display Network. This is because it dynamically combines titles, descriptions, and images to fit your audience anywhere on the web.

6. Customer Match

Long before PPC advertising platforms improved display targeting, finding the right audience at the right time was the mantra. Your  PPC strategy for 2022 should include an in-depth analysis of this audience.

With  current cookie protection measures, data is of paramount importance to advertisers. Use customer satisfaction, a very underrated targeting strategy. Using your own  data shared by customers may allow you to refer back or target duplicates in your ads. When you upload a list of customers to your advertising platform, you try to match those customers with known users. 

The concept of customer matching can be used on almost any platform, allowing iterative new strategies for message chunking and targeting. Please note that the match rate may vary by advertising platform and may be realistic. Recent  Google Ads improvements have made this feature easier to access. You can hire a PPC Company in Delhi to get helped out with all the things related to PPC marketing.


There is so much to learn about PPC advertising. We’ve covered the basics in the last few chapters, but only scratched the surface of this challenging and lucrative advertising strategy. In today’s environment, thousands of companies are looking for the same audience. Wouldn’t it be great to have a team of experts who understand how PPC can help your business grow?

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