5 trends in Content Marketing that you need to try out NOW!

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Pitching for sales one thing and creating content on how relevant and useful your products and services are is another. Time and again, forward thinking brands have proved that content marketing holds higher ground than product marketing and sales could ever do even when they are combined as one. Content marketing can be done through e-books, articles, webinars, which answer the questions raised in the mind of your target audience. The product or services that your brand provides might be basic but content marketing has the power of projecting it in a way that makes it stands out of the crowd. 

Here are the five new trends in content marketing that one might not have come across before:

  • Building content communities
  • Going live with videos and webinars
  • Improving content experience
  • Focusing on products and services
  • Doubling down on SOE

Here we begin!

  1. Building content communities – In the current era of content marketing, reach holds really high values, in fact some would even say that it is the ultimate goal of content marketing which is somewhat true. Nonetheless, as a brand, one needs to focus on building a community of shared values with the help of content creation and sharing. This is possible even without the involvement of lot of tool. A team of content marketers can continue to make an impact on the establishing network with as many resources as they possess.
  • Going Live with videos and webinars – With the presence of the COVID 19 virus, videos and webinars have successfully replaced the in-person meet ups. Moreover, the world has come to realize that live videos and webinars are a more convenient and cost effective way to gather audience. To communicate your brands message and educate your community, audio-visual interactive medium has been proven effective.
  • Improving content experience – With innovative creative around, no reader wants to hook around on a page full of texts and advertisement pop-ups in between.  To improve user experience and increase engagement, it is crucial that the modern content marketers focus on including videos and UXs.
  • Focusing on products and services – It is important that as content marketers, we pay most attention to the values that come with the product and services that we are promoting. The tighter the focus on the bottom of the funnel, the better the value of the content. As a content marketer, one should stay laser-focused on buyer personas.
  • Doubling down on SEO – Some trends never completely go out of the picture; they hang around in void until they make a comeback. For fashion, its, corduroys. For beauty, it’s blue eyeliner. For content, it’s Search Engine Optimization. In 2021, content marketers spend a lot of their time researching on keywords with load of reach. SEO is the most organic may of driving traffic, in terms of both quality and quantity, to your website through search engine results.

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