5 FREE SEO Tools in 2022: That Improve Your Google Ranking

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With so many SEO tools available today, it is hard to know which ones are the best. Sure, some tools claim to be free and actually aren’t, but all you can do is take them for their word and check out their pricing plans to see if they fit your investment needs and budget. Let us arm ourselves with some good (and free!) SEO tools that we can use right now. The following five SEO tools will enable you to find backlinks and better content plus much, much more.

Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool

Woorank is a tool that is genuinely useful for both internet marketers and website owners. That being said, Woorank has an edge over other SEO tools because it does what they are meant for, for free. Woorank is a fantastic tool that basically does it all for you and your WordPress site.

It can help you identify SEO issues, track keywords and competitors, and increase your SERP presence. It also will give you an idea of your organic search performance (SERP) and mobile readiness. The free version has some awesome features, but you will need to upgrade to the premium plan if you want even more in-depth analysis.

Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive is a cutting-edge SEO plugin that lets you share your articles on a trendy social platform. The more people share the content, the more visibility it gets from Google, who later ranks it higher in search results. It helps you improve your ranking in Google. If you want to improve SERPs for your website this is likely to be a great choice as a SEO tool.

Animalz Revive is a very effective page rank boosting tool, which is available free. It claims to improve your page rank by using the search engine optimization. The software enables you to identify the more relevant keywords on your website. The search engines are not just found on computers but are also on smartphones, home appliances, and many other electronic devices these days. If you are unable to use it, you can take help from SEO Company in India.


CanIRank is an innovative SaaS & SEO tool that specializes in Google search ranking, keyword analysis and on-page SEO, web design conversion rate optimization, and content marketing analytics. While there are lots of SEO bloggers out there using Can Rank’s free SEO tools to give an SEO outlook on how to improve their site’s ranking, some people wonder what the future will be like in 2022.

CanIRank is an easy to use, free SEO tool that anybody can use to see why their website isn’t getting as many visits as it deserves. Whether you own a small or medium business and need to know how your site is performing, or you want to make sure your blog is getting the most out of its posting time – Can Rank is there for you. Many Digital marketing company in India use this tool.

Seed Keywords

Seed keywords are the primary keywords that you want visitors to your site to use when entering their search query on Google. Seed keywords have been a staple of Google’s organic keyword research tool for years. If you didn’t know, the seed keyword function helps you find long tail variations that drive traffic to your website.

Seed Keywords is a free SEO tool that helps you search for new keywords. Seed Keywords analyzes your website and suggests related keywords that have not been targeted yet through Google’s AdWords keyword planner.

Exploding Topics

Exploding topics are the up-and-coming trends of the next year. They will gradually get bigger opportunities through search engines and, thus, you will get more exposure. They are not only beneficial for SEO, but for branding and content creation as well.