5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads for Real Estate

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As technology continues to advance, so does the need for different businesses to change the ways they market their goods and services: by shifting to digital marketing. Like every other industry today, the real estate industry has also undergone drastic changes in recent years, which the COVID-19 pandemic certainly didn’t help.

As the pandemic hit the world out of the blue, realtors and agents had to figure out unique and new ways to communicate and sell to their clients so they could continue to operate their businesses safely and efficiently. And one of the methods to do this was by opting for digitally marketing their services. Therefore, the best way to stay on top of your competitors may just be to take up digital marketing.

Digital marketing provides businesses with more for less. It’s cost-effective and, thanks to technological advancement, also helps you target the right audience through algorithms and engage with customers at every buying stage.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll be discussing 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads for Real Estate Businesses.

5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads for Real Estate Businesses:

1.     Email Marketing Campaigns

According to real estate educator Tom Ferry, 87% of realtors leave the industry within 5 years due to not earning good enough. So, as a realtor, it’s particularly important for you to always stay on top of your game by outperforming your competitors to stay relevant in the market. And that is where digital marketing through email campaigns can help.

Email is known to be one of the most converting digital marketing strategies in the real estate industry. It’s a smart way to target potential clients by taking important data such as buying patterns and previous engagements into consideration while also keeping your existing customers in the loop by providing them with updates about your business now and then.

An important thing to note is that buying and selling a house is a tough decision for everyone that can take a while to take. Through email marketing, you also target an audience that may not be in the market right now but eventually will be, which is why we believe email marketing campaigns can go a long way in securing leads and strengthening your pipeline.

2.     Ensure Your Website is User Friendly

Another way to generate leads in the real estate industry is to make leads browse your website long enough for them to follow your call to action. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for most businesses. Due to a cluster of information real estate websites have to fit into one page, from detailed information to pictures, their websites turn out slow and difficult to use.

 This can make potential clients frustrated and drive them away from services as a whole. Remember that an attractive and user-friendly website can shape a client’s opinion about your business and the quality of services. So, when you develop a business website, hire a web developer and ensure your website is easy to use. The layout shouldn’t be confusing, and the information should be provided briefly. So, users can find what they are looking for in little to no time. Moreover, your website should also be mobile friendly as most users tend to browse websites through their mobile devices.

3.     Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Investing some of your marketing budgets into PPC advertising might just be the best decision you’ll make this year! There’s no doubt about the fact that competition between realtors is as high as it’s ever been in today’s market, which isn’t particularly a surprise considering 6 million homes are sold in the US every year, according to Statista.

PPC advertising enables you to stay on top of your competitors by offering you more for less. Firstly, you can forget about depending on a third-party database to get traffic to your listings through marketing for real estate.

Through Pay Per Click Advertising, you can bring potential leads directly to your website, where you target prospects with certain keywords you decide. Moreover, through PPC, you can also control the budget as you only pay for actual visits to your website and can also decide the amount you’d prefer to pay in a day or month. All in all, PPC advertising is an investment you won’t regret. And a combination of SEO and PPC advertisement, you’ll be targeting more leads than ever.

4.     Virtual Tour Hosting

A virtual tour is a collection of combined photographs that capture every part of a property resulting in a 360-degree view of it. A virtual enables viewers to analyze and interact with the place without having to visit it in person. Virtual tours have been growing in popularity in the real estate world rapidly as it’s easy and time-saving for potential clients to get an idea regarding a property through a virtual tour first and decide if they like it enough to pay a visit.

As a realtor, a virtual tour should be an option you’d want to consider for your digital marketing strategy. Not only will it generate revenues in the long term as your leads grow, but it can also help streamline the property buying process for your customers.

Here are some steps to keep in mind to make your virtual tour successful:

  • Digital illusions should strictly be avoided. Capture the real footage of the home without any edits
  • Make sure the photographs and videos are responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Invest in social media marketing

5.     Invest in a Reputable Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Another tried & tested way to generate leads for your real estate business is to invest in a Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM). A CRM can help your business in numerous ways through reducing your workload and also fastening up the process of digital marketing.

CRMs help improve your customer service through live chat options while also assisting you in efficiently managing your leads. Moreover, you can also automate some of your workflows and save your and your leads’ precious time.

Note: if you’re looking for CRMs for your real estate business, you might want to consider The Real Estate CRM – one of the best real estate CRMin today’s market.

As every realtor and broker starts to implement digital marketing strategies, it’s important to know that the main aim of every marketing campaign should be to solve your customer’s inquiries and their problems. Focus more on online strategies that improve your chances of getting found by potential leads. All in all, it matters on the quality of interactions that you have with potential clients, not how many leads you attract.