10 Things Everyone Should Know About SEO

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a pivotal way of increasing traffic to a website. SEO is changing every day and it is important the structuring of the website and SEO techniques also change accordingly. Before, developers used to use targeted keywords to attract the audience to the website, but now it is nearly outdated. Instead, one needs to use more specific and particular keywords if they want to traffic on their website.

1. Nobody wants to use a sluggish website

You must have used user-specific keywords after much research, might have included infographics and videos, but if your website is slow and sluggish then none of this will actually benefit you. No user will spend time on a website that loads slow and doesn’t give a seamless user experience. Hence, you should remove anything that slows down the website.

It could be high-resolution images, videos, uncompressed files that take forever to load. Always ensure that your website is quick and crisp. It’s one way of increasing traffic because people tend to come back to those sites which are fast.

2. Find your niche

Know and decide what you want to write about. It is extremely important to have a niche. Writing about anything and everything won’t be much helpful and it won’t help in the long run. Understand your niche and also your target audience. When you don’t have a niche, it is hard to decide upon the target audience leading to no to zero traffic.

3. Backlinks are important

While drafting content, give backlinks to other reputable websites. Make sure that the websites you are linking to are authentic in their content and can be trusted. Simultaneously, encourage other reputable websites to give backlinks to your website. It tremendously helps in increasing the traffic.

Also, provide internal links to other pages of your own website. It is a proven technique and is practiced and endorsed by almost every SEO company in Kerala and worldwide.

4. Focus on the content

Using the right keywords alone won’t bring you increased traffic. Always remember that SEO is for the search engine while content is for the people. If you want better engagement in your website, then try to improve the content in your website.   Content is a strong marketing tool and one of the important forms of revenue for a website, so don’t underestimate the content and focus on SEO, rather make your content impeccable and then manage the SEO to increase traffic.

5. Long-tail keywords are game-changers

Using specific keywords is really important. Instead of using short keywords, it is much better to use high-performing long-tail keywords. For example, if you run an online cloth shop, instead of using keywords like denim, pants, blue, etc try using long-tail keywords like ‘blue denim’, ‘blue denim jeggings.’ Identify the long-tail keywords associated with each field and try to inculcate them in the content.

6. Be consistent

Users won’t bother to check a website that updates only once in a blue moon. Rather they will keep an eye out for websites that post more frequently. Like any other field, if you want to be successful with SEO, then be consistent with content. Add more and more pages to your website and keep updating it often. Always find an interesting perspective and share it with the readers. Understand the changing trends and update your content and website accordingly.

7. Make your web page attractive

Even though the content is the king, nobody will spend time on a website that’s not visually appealing. Try to upload images that won’t slow down the website. Use compressed files, videos, and images. Make use of aesthetics and colors and understand new techniques that can be used to increase readability. Have a website that is irresistible which the readers don’t feel like leaving from. 

8. Always write meta descriptions

A meta description is a short description that comes under the page title. Readers usually see the description and decide whether to click on the title or not. If you don’t write a meta-description for your website, Google will come up with one and it won’t be very interesting or compelling. So always write a meta-description and make sure it’s engaging. 

9. Take the help of social media

Repurposing of content is a way to increase traffic. Whatever you write on the website, make it short, reframe it, and share it across all social media handles. It will invite more people to your website as they would want to read and know further about it.

10. Use keywords on images too

Don’t leave behind images while focusing on content. Always give alt text while uploading an image to the website. Use specific keywords as the alt text. It can also drive traffic to your website.