Digital Marketing: 10 step guide on Online Marketing

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In the present world full of technological advancements learning new skills or hone the existing ones has become the need of the hour. The necessity of the present scenario and the trend of the horizon is Digital Marketing. All the business owners, students, or marketing professionals from the online sector to the offline sector everyone is shifting to online marketing and understanding the insights of Digital Marketing and its strategies to increase the growth rate of their output. Getting yourself match with the speed of the latest digital marketing trend is the new online marketing strategy to build or refine your plans in the market.

Digital Marketing is a very simple term that defines promoting and selling products and services through online marketing tactics. It is simple marketing but being online helps the user to get the insights with the best prospects and targets customers at exactly the right point.

Presently, we all agree that online platforms consume a major part of our daily life. Thus, these online platforms are the best place to showcase the product or service and pitch about them.

Digital Marketing is the simplest solution to make this possible as:

  • It attracts the best prospects.
  • It nurtures the customer relationships
  • It makes the current offer at the correct time which is appreciated by the audience.

Digital marketing has a lot of benefits as it builds a strong online presence in the market and attracts a large number of targeted audiences or customers. These are as follows:

  • When a sale is done or before the sale is initiated it helps to create engagement and awareness in a lot easier way.
  • It converts new buyers into rabid ones and they start to buy more often which increases the percentage of sales on regular basis.
  • In every business promotion through word of mouth works wonders and once it is initiated social sharing is done simultaneously and increases the demand or product in the market.
  • It also saves time and resources from both ends i.e buyers and sellers. As the right offer is made at right time to the right customer.

There is a wide range of strategies that can be used to gain market on the internet and build a strong presence in the world of online marketing. Online marketing can be categorized as:

  • Content Marketing: To attract, educate or build the right target audience by designing content through useful creation and publication.
  • Native Advertising: It is an advertising type of editorial content that resembles at peak. It is also known as advertorials.
  • Pay-per-click Advertising: It is a very impactful marketing strategy that involves advertisement online. When a user clicks it creates payment for the advertisers. In simpler words, payment is directly proportional to the number of clicks on the advertisements through users.
  • Search Engine Optimization: It is the strategy to increase the traffic on the site or page organically and increases the reach making it search engine friendly.
  • Social Media Marketing: All the social media platforms are taken into consideration effectively to promote the brand or service at a high level.
  • Email Marketing: To reach the nurturing potential and existing customers or clients email is used to approach them as a way of marketing.

10 Hacks on Online Marketing:

Create a Customer Persona

Through digital marketing, the information is collected qualitatively and quantitatively of all the customers to attain the insights of potential customers. The information about the targeted audience like age, gender, profession, interest, location, and then name is analyzed to make the most effective market strategy. Similarly, buyer personas also matter at a large level as they bring the perspective of the ideal customer and its needs in the market.

Find your goals and tools

To achieve something a goal needs to be decided to set the parameters of how to reach and attain it. But make sure that the goal which is decided is suitable and rational. While the journey to reach goals your tools need to be supervised to measure the progress towards accomplishing the set goal.

Focus on Consistency

Creating quality content for the service of product is an effective digital marketing strategy but making its consistency is the key to reach success. As it brings more traffic to the page or website, reinforces social media presence, increases your market area against other digital marketing company, rank long-tail search queries with search engine optimization and keywords. The performance of online marketing and your campaign will be easily observed by users which will give you a great edge over other competitors.

Analyze the business environment

Evaluate all your digital assets be it website, blog content, social media platforms or native advertising, Google Adwords, word of mouth, paid to advertise, and many more. Analyzing with an optimist approach that how effective they are as compared to other companies in the market is how you find the best way to build online marketing strategies.

Marketing Automation

With the technological advancements, automate marketing is getting better with new software and technology. It makes all the digital marketing strategies implementation wah easier through automated activities such as email marketing, content marketing, lead generation, and a lot more. This is a must-add strategy to improve the entire sales process.

Mobile optimization

In today’s world having a wonderful mobile experience is all that all the users look for. From page speed, site design, search engine optimization practices all have become a necessity in mobile optimization. It provides relevant data and the latest mobile responsive design and email template so that people receive the best experience.

Easy to reach

To build good relations with the customers online marketing is all about it. Connecting with potential customers is the leading digital marketing strategy. Make sure leads and visitors do not exert extra time and unnecessary efforts to connect with you. Reduce asking for unnecessary data or irrelevant forms to make a hassle-free smooth experience for all the users.

Using the right technology

Finding the right strategy is a tough task but implementation of it through technology is the key to attain the objective. To implement a correct digital marketing strategy use tools such as marketing automation software as well as industry tools. They give you substantial insights on how to track the visitors and analyze the shortcomings.

Find your unique strategy

It is very important to confirm your differentiators if you want high profits and capture the market majorly. Find your unique selling proposition which sets you different from others in the market. You can talk to your customers and find why they selected your company. Researching will help you find what can be a major content in your promotion pitch to attract the target audience.

Track the progress

Working effectively should be supervised from time to time to ensure consistent efforts are reaping consistent and increased outcomes. Finding the mistakes and alternatives to improve them and learn from them is not enough but looking for improvement strategies also plays a vital role in online marketing.

A well-thought plan makes things easier to implement as a lot of work is required to design a digital marketing strategy.


A lot of digital marketing companies specialize in end-to-end platforms to sell digital products and services to all kinds of businesses like the digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad which has in-house marketing strategists and content creators who offer digital marketing strategies to deliver the best results. The present time is the right time to implement online marketing and refine your business skills.

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Abhishek Trivedi is a Marketer by Nature and Digitally Skilled makes him a Digital Marketer. He is a Content Writer, Strategic Planner, Project Manager, Part artist and Leader. He is a Founder of Digital Sky 360, which is a top Digital Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad.